Medic attached to a unit, what's the process?


Apologies for cross posting as this is already in the medical sub-forum, but thought it might get seen here more.

I'm going through the (very slow) process of joining the AR as a medic. I'm already a qualified paramedic and I'm ex-regular (inf) years ago for context.

How does getting to be a CMT attached to a unit work from where I am now? Do you join a local Field Hospital for a bit first and then transfer, or can you go straight to being an attached medic to an inf (or other) unit? Do I approach units I'm interested in being attached to directly? Not getting any straight answers from the recruiters.


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Go to the unit you wish to join and tell them you want to join as a medic. Each unit will have medic posts (as well as others) for that unit regardless of cap badge.


Cheers, have been in touch with one, will try a couple of others. Is the process you join the RAMC and do their trade training but work with the unit you're attached to generally?


Most units will have PIDs for CMTs.

If you have been out for more than 6 years you will have to apply online and follow the selection process in the same way as a first time applicant and you may also be required to complete basic training courses again.

Although as a qualified paramedic you are eligible to apply to join the reserves via the Professionally Qualified Soldier Entry pathway. This is likely to have bearing on phase two requirements.

You are best to contact the AR Infantry unit you are interested in directly.

Hope this helps.
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