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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Locky, Jul 10, 2007.

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  1. it says

    "with regards to your application for service in the army, unfortunately as you are aware you did not pass the medical rg8 stage; you were advised to complete a training program, this was looked at and the decision is you may restart the application again in october"

    the medical only thing on my history (other than a broken bone 15 years ago) is migrains i used to get in october / nov 05 wich have since gone, i give them all the details and clearly stated i dont get anymore why has that been rejected ? plus if rejected why do they tell me to reapply :S it says something about the fitness program (what fitness program is that then? they gave me a kind of lil book with advice) it also says i was aware i didnt pass medical rg8 stage ( iwasnt aware they jus asked for more details in regards to the migrain), any 1 help ? i am going to go to the careers office tomorow but rite now i am pissed off and cponfused by it, any advice appreciated, thanks
  2. Are you overweight at all, could it of been your BMI/love of pies that you failed on?
  3. highly unlikely i am 5'8 and 65kg (10.2 stone)

    dad seems to think they have had enough recruits for the time being and jus filtering through them ?

    They are saying you need to improve your fitness and cut out the pies. Go to the link above and use the fitness programe to build yourself up and loose a few pounds
  5. is that all they are basicly saying? but 10.2 stone is hardly overwight, is it ?
  6. Nope not really or it could of been a time bar so that you're clear of migranes for a certain period of time, but if you really want to know... phone them up!
  7. 10.2 isnt overweight

    I'm 5'11 and about 11 stone 4/5 and my BMI is 23 I think :S

    yours wouldn't be higher than mine.
  8. it is if you are 4ft 2!!

    Seriously, they are telling you in the nicest possible way to work on your fitness and re-apply in Oct. Did you complete a mile and a half run? If you got over 15 mins in that then you need to work on it
  9. my startign time (when i staretd running) was jus short of 15 mins, but i will use that website or see what they have at the careers office abotu fitness, wedgy them migrains i aint had since december 05
  10. please please try to write in English as well.
  11. If it was the migrains they would have sought further medical evidence from your GP. It is definatly the fitness thing - work on the programme and re-apply when you can. You will feel much better for it
  12. thank you people for your help, except the 1 idiot trying to annoy me, appreciated, i thought they fucked me off :(
  13. I think Drain_sniffer has hit the nail on the head but my point was if you really want to know then ring and ask.

    Also have a look through the threads on here for some training tips.

    Good luck with it.
  14. from JSP 346 pulhheems (the bible for Dr's giving you a medical grading)

    'Those with headaches or migraine which are severe enough to disrupt normal activities, including loss of time from school or work'.....'and occurring more than once every six months, or requiring prophylactic treatment, should be graded P8'

    I can't find any mention of how long you should be symptom free for your application to continue it has to be in here somewhere I've just gone blind and can't find it.
  15. i used to get them every few days for roughly a month, only lasted a short weile tho (5 - 10 mins tops) 2 weeks after i started takeing medication gone never come back, tbh i think it was strain on my eyes from my computer screen (i know wear glasses at pc so it doesnt happen as well)