Medial Lateral ligament injury

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Krieg-Hammer, Feb 6, 2010.

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  1. Around the beginning of November I tackled my mate at Rugby training (was his first session so thought Id get him good), but due to torential rain my foot dug into the ground, which meant as I swung my mate round my leg stayed put and my knee got the brunt of the force.... A loud crack came from my knee and I thought the worst had happened.

    Anyway, I had to be carried off the pitch. My own fault anyway. For 2 weeks I couldnt straighten the leg affected. Saw a physio and he reckoned it could be medial meniscus (cartilege caught in joint). Another two weeks after doing the leg straightening exercises I managed to straighten my leg out again, therefore it was just a medial lateral injury.

    Anyway, Ive seen the physio over periods of time, done rehab and strength training to get it strong again. I can now run and do other things, even snowboarding. I do wish to get back into the rugby before the season ends but the medial lateral ligament is still sore after 3 months since the injury. The pain doesnt affect movement or anything like that. I am just concerned that if I go back to the rugby, there is potential that I could make it worse as a twisting action causes a little pain still.

    I even started going to Body Attack classes (no i dont go cause of the chicks...well maybe ;op) so my knee could get used to the twisting and turning movements again. I can't think of anything else that will help the pain finally go away. Maybe its one of these things that time.

    Thanks for any advice.
  2. Not to frighten you but...

    Have you had an MRI to confirm that's all there is to it? I had a similar injury (twisted leg, heard a crack, knee was bent and when I forced it straight, heard another crack). This was a result of a bike RTA and as I was wearing leathers, couldn't see what was going on. For the first month it was thought both by the Ortho consultant and physio to be a dislocated/relocated kneecap until the pain didn't subside. Subsequent MRI scan showed I'd completely torn anterior cruciate ligament. Two years on, after replacement surgery and oodles of physio, yeah, it still hurts like a bitch most of the time. I've now got to the point where I try to ignore it and push on.

    I was advised not to do any contact sport for at least six months post-surgery and a year before doing anything that might involve twisting. I would have thought it's still a little early for you to go back to rugby and wouldn't have thought snowboarding was such a good idea. Are you still getting physio? Have a chat with the therapist.
  3. My last Physio visit was December. He was happy that it didnt need a MRI scan. Plus I don't have private medical cover so it would cost around £400 to get one. :eek:(

    The physio did say in December that it would still hurt for another 7 weeks or so. Movement is completely fine. Just the pain down the side of my knee is enough to keep reminding me its there.

    I have been told, ligament injuries take longer to heal than a break!
  4. I had a similar injury and find swimming can help. If I keep up with the swimming then I can run no problems. Stop swimming however and a few weeks later and the pain creeps back. It took a long time to get the strength around the knee joint to take the pounding that a long run can give. I also found a huge improvement when I bought some decent running trainers and stopped using the "cross trainers" that are available at all good chav outlets.
  5. What was his justification for not warranting an MRI? There's a difference between a numpty saying he's happy, and there not actually being a need - even then it's best to take a looky for additional damage.
  6. What has not having private medical cover got to do with it? Are you still serving? If not, go to your GP and request one.

    I've just resigned myself to living with the pain. It's rarely bad enough to take medication for except when the weather is cold or damp.
  7. Agreed!! There's a very good reason many x-ray departments don't accept requests from physios! Yes ligaments can take longer to recover, but it's still worth doing the MRI
  8. Cost :Scan - £400.
    Benefit: Possibly the rest of whatever military or sporting career you've got?

    And you need to ask?