Medial Cruciate Ligement, MCL

Hello All

Sorry its possible another Knee thread, was playing football last night went for a tackle & felt my Knee go. my Knee Cpa felt like it moved up about 6 inch & the lower part of the leg cam forward about 2 degrees further than it should then it all it came back to shape & my knee cap came back to the right place. it was absoloute Agony, so went to the hospital & the doc show me a chip in my bone & thinks its snapped my MCL from the bone.

i am now booked into the fracture clinic & i have my knee in a brace at the moment.

So what am i looking at for recovery, will it need an operation etc any advise will help please, will they leave it in a brace or will it be put in a pot, etc
There are 4 ligaments in the knee. Working from the outside in - Lateral, Anterior, Posterior and Medial (where your knees touch)

If your leg folds outwards at the knee then the medial has gone, if it went inwards then the lateral has gone. If the lower leg is pushing forwards then the ACL has gone, if it pushes back then the PCL has gone.

The worst on is the PCL as it is 'Y' shaped and runs next to arterys and nerves.

The medial is a big one and they will prob use some of your own tissue to repair it (hamstring, or centre strip from the knee cap).

You will need an op, and then into a leg brace, for about 3 months and physio. In about 6 months you will be fine.

If you are in/near London and have medical Insurance I can pm you the details of the best knee bloke in the country (He is in St Albans). Unfortunatly he has just stopped doing NHS patients as he has lost it with the NHS.
My brother did his Cruciate ligament in a while back (5 years or so) and had an operation to replace the broken one with a ligament from his lower leg i think. Was done private (thankfully Dad had health insurance) and they did a keyhole surgery. He was back up and playing Rugby within about 6 to 8 months. Try and get it done keyhole if you have the option, another mate who had the normal surgery took ages to recover from it.
cheers carlos

doc said i have definatly done the medial but did say that there could be more damage but it only showed from the x ray from the front that my medial had gone, also somebody says they may do a another scan on it to determine if there is any more damage . not looking good then for me is it.

unfortunatly i live near nottingham, i do have private health care thorugh my civvie job but need to speak to specialist tomorrow first

any other advise welcomed
Watto, there is no ligament called the 'Medial Cruciate'. There are the medial and lateral collateral ligaments (on either side of the knee) and the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments (actually inside the knee and which lie front to back).

I do not want to give you false information so, because I don't have the full history or xrays to look at, I will just mention some general points to help out. Firstly, talk to the orthopaedic surgeon about everything, make sure you explain your needs/concerns about recovery as this may influence both your and his decisions about treatment. All of these questions should be asked of your doctor. People are often very reluctant to ask doctors about their illness/injuries when they are only there to help and inform you.

If this is your medial collateral ligament then it is the ligament on the inner side of the knee. It sounds as though you may have avulsed the bone attached to the ligament, from the way you describe it. If this is the case then the treatment will be as you have said, placing the leg in a cast so the bone can heal. Usually bone heals in 6-8 weeks, but it can take longer if you are older. (how old are you out of interest, avulsion injuries tend to happen in younger patients, up to early 20's) You will probably need ultrasound or possibly MRI scanning to image the ligament for injury, although this will be down to your doctor to decide. They may wish to wait until the bone has healed and then assess it clinically (it may take a long time to get an MRI anyway, Ultrasound is fairly easy to do). Hopefully this is a simple avulsion injury and there is no damage to the ligament itself, as bone heals much more readily than ligaments.

It is difficult to advise you on specifics as I can't tell what you have injured without a full history and description of the injury. The best advice I can give you is talk to your doctor fully about this and STICK TO THE PLAN. Rehabilitation is the most important aspect of joint injuries, listen to the physio, do what they ask of you and dont cut corners. A good recovery takes a lot of effort and can be frustrating at times, but it is worth it. I have seen a lot of people who have a significantly poorer outcome just because they didn't stick with the physio.

Best of luck mate, hopefully it isn't too bad and injury and you'll be up and about in no time. Any more questions just ask.
Cheers for the replys everybody

Doc Stab i am 29 by the way

Been to see the Specialist today at the local Fracture Clinic & they seem a little more concerned about it with all the sweeling, that has come up, so booked me for a MRI on Monday,, they have advised me to rest it elevate it a & use ice to get the sweeling down cause they are concerned they may have to operate stragiht away with it, (Hence the reson for the emergancy MRI) if it is only the medial or some damage to the anterior as they think might have happened to it originally then it wont need surgery straight away but as i have said they have a few concerns with it & said i need to get the swelling down over the weekend incase they need to operate next week.

thanks anyway

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