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MediaForce broadband service in Catterick SLAM

Has anyone else here signed up for the new broadband service that has been piped into all the SLAM buildings in Catterick?

I'm just curious if anyone else's service is as phenomenally sh*t as mine is. Frequently down and nowhere near the 20Mb/sec speed I paid for, even allowing for contention, slow servers and all that gubbins.

If it carries on like this it will soon be getting cancelled. And if you where thinking about signing up, I heartily recommend you don't if my experience is the norm rather than the exception?

Anyone else had any experiences?
I've got it going in Tidworth, 10Mb/s is highest available to us here, but works fine (actually get slightly over the advertised up/down speed)
I don't know how many other people are using it here though, not long since been introduced (December 09)

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