Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jake, Feb 15, 2003.

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  1. jake

    jake Guest

    This is a straw poll and not in anyway scientific  ;)
  2. jake

    jake Guest

    OOOps! - Disclaimer, Straw poll (no links to anyone of that name ...)
  3. Trusted on what?

    • Trusted not to sleep with your wife? NO
    • Trusted not to be sleazy, alcoholic, fast-driving, coke-snorting chain smokers? NO
    • Trusted to pay you the £5,000 they promised for the story of your botched penis enlargement operation? NO
    • Trusted not to laugh about your botched penis enlargement story behind your back after they finish being Mother Teresa-empathetic to your face? NO
    • Trusted to be double-dealing, self-serving, ambulance-chasing, colleague-shafting, sub-human slimeballs who believe that rules only apply to other people? YES

    But.... if this poll is really about whether they can be trusted to write the truth then I believe that most of them can most of the time.

    Am I proud to be a one of them?  YES!
  4. And another thing..... we have the BEST media in the world.  For diversity, quality and integrity, we are world leaders.  
  5. Baddass

    Baddass LE

    Mmmmmm.......British media & trustworthiness?  Two words which appear very out of place when used in the same sentence.  
  6. jake

    jake Guest

    In the interests of accuracy I think you'll find that that is three words "British media & trustworthiness"   - just to prove accuracy you understand ..   ;)
  7. Got to agree there Ma_sonic

    Bit like having the words Playschool and Anthrax in the same sentence
  8. I can't answer that question Sir!....  ;) ;) ;)
  9. jake

    jake Guest

    Forces_Sweetheart - I have to agree with you, and also admire your sound judgement and objectivity!!  ;) :D ;)
  10. Exmarine

    Exmarine War Hero

    The Media are slime balls with the integrity of a sh-t house rat.

  11. PLANK

    PLANK Clanker

    The wordsBritish Media and Trust should NEVER be associated with each other :mad: :mad:
  12. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Trusted?  Don't know about that, but at least we live in a society that doesn't censor or control the media (with the exception of Maxwell and Murdoch obviously).
  13. Baddass

    Baddass LE

    What are all your threads in aid of Jake?  One wanted to know what we thought the role of the 'hack' was in conflict? Then you start fishing for identities and other information and now you want to know if we like you?

    You're a wee but insecure aren't you.......if I were you, go and see someone about it.  W*nker.
  14. jake

    jake Guest

    I would say that all/any questions I've asked deserve a reasonable reply... on what is (after all a public site) ... So, unlike Ma_Sonic - I have not resorted to personal abuse .. just now curious as to why he is anti-media, what has happened in his job, has he been 'had over' in the press, if so, now he can tell his side of the story.......