Media warning for troops

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Nov 2, 2004.

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  1. Shame the DCI doesnt mention Arrse,3604,1341118,00.html
  2. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    So if anyone knows you've been posting on ARRSE, be prepared to be taken for a 'walk in the country' ......
  3. Bulls#!t!

    Tebbit you useless s#!t (according to the Public Accounts Committee) and TCH - you can stick it up your ARRSES!

    At Royal Institute for International Affairs you can say what you like under Chatham House rules - it is firmly off the record. I am sure most who attend these conferences will treat this DCI with the contempt it deserves - dissent is part of the dynamic of any organisation, as how otherwise would you challenge stupid ideas (of which this administration has had more that its fair share).

    I wish I had a copy to use as a loo-role substitute!
  4. Exactly, MrPVRd. "Chatham House Rules" becomes a meaningless term under this DCI. Another danger is that, because everyone else there will know that serving personnel are under this restriction, they will ASSUME that everything said will reflect govt policy whereas it may not: a recipe for confusion. But the main effect will be that serving people won't speak, won't ask questions, ultimately will stop participating in a process which has served our country well until now.

    I imagine that there is a tremendous amount of irritation at this within RUSI, RIIA etc but they won't say anything - too dependent on govt support and support.

    Ironic if Arrse becomes the main forum for informed debate!
  5. Interesting that this is being published by the government at the same time that the Labour Party has admitted sending "agents" into Conservative and Lib Dem In-House meetings to grab juicy quotes made in private to use against them in public!

    so, have a look around at the next RUSI meeting and pick out the New Labour mole 8O 8O

    this country is sounding more and more like a dictatorship. I'm sooo looking forward to coming back :x
  6. Yes, and for those of us not currently serving, upset the mole by subtly giving the impression of being a serving member when asking pointed questions.
  7. link from my comment on Labour moles:

    main gist (from Spy in DT Opinion column):

    "Yesterday, selected newspapers were contacted by the New Labour machine with an intriguing bit of "gossip". Shadow cabinet member John Redwood had been recorded on tape viciously disparaging the Tories' record in government: "Fifteen per cent interest rates,.... But how did Labour manage to lay its hands on the recording, which was made at a private meeting of the (strictly Tory) Bow Group on Tuesday?

    "I don't know who made the recording and, even if I did, I wouldn't tell you," said a Labour press officer when Spy called yesterday.

    Spy suggested that it looked as if Labour was infiltrating Bow Group meetings.

    "Infiltration is an emotive word," he said. "I'm not confirming it. I'm not going to engage with you on that issue. The real issue is what John Redwood said."

    A Bow Group spokesman admitted that it is concerned about the breach. "We will be reviewing our security procedures," he told me. "If Labour has put someone into our meetings, it shows how desperate it has become, ahead of the general election."

    Intriguingly, the incident comes only a month after The Times reported controversial comments made by Tory chairman Liam Fox at another Bow Group meeting."
  8. What f@cking hypocrites.

    New Labour were recently caught out acquiring a 'michaelhowardmp' website for spoof/diversionary purposes, even though official HMG policy is against that.
  9. The only way ahead is to fight them at their own game ie. gloves off and biting and gouging.

    Look at the resonance the Save the Scottish Regiments Campaign has had north of the border - it has been adopted by a national newspaper. Direct action by those with a voice (ie those of us ex-serving) is required to get the issues in the public eye.

    Now that the first moves are being made towards a general election (Feb/May 05?) it is time to look at what steps to take in what will probably be the ugliest election in living memory. I suggest a vigil outside TCH's constituency office, with media coverage, using placards highlighting every issue from the inadequate provision of equipment through to TCH's skiiing trip during the buildup to Telic, the Kelly affair and the disgraceful cutbacks and his little catnap in the desert. We can dust off our old No 1s/ No 2s to create the impression that current servicemen are protesting, an impression the media will be happy to convey.

    This will add to the antpiathy the country at large feels towards the Nazi Party and may cause enough electoral damage (in terms of seats lost) to precipitate regime change at No 10! :twisted: :twisted:
  10. The six regimental secretaries of the Scottish infantry battalions have been ordered to pass all journalistic inquiries on the issue to media ops at 2Div HQ. They have also been warned that they face disciplinary action if they speak out. A couple had the integrity to make their personal views known and are now being slapped down for it.

    Isn't it illegal to ban free speech under the European human rights' regulations unless it impinges on national security or commercial confidentiality?

    I would hardly describe a rant about the regimental "reorganisation" as undermining UK security!
  11. It soon will be, if these buggers are let away with it :evil:
  12. Aye, LG. As someone posted elsewhere, we're allowed to fight and risk our hides for democracy, but apparently not to participate in it in any meaningful way. As for Freedom of Information.........forget it under this mob. :roll:
  13. 'We're hear to preserve democracy, not practise it.'

    Great quote from a film with Gene Hackman. How true.

    Takes us back to Orwell's 1984. How do you control the proles? By controlling what they can or cannot say. Hence 'New Speak.'

    It seems New Labour = New Speak.

    The spys are out there. Except for me. I'm not a spy. But I am quite crap.
  14. Wouldn't expect anything but lies, vitriol and bullsh*t from that piece of scum.

    Sad to say he was a jock in the Watch until he was encouraged to go to pastures new :twisted: