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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Brandt, Oct 13, 2006.

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  1. I, along with other members of ARRSE, have just been quoted directly on C4 news, on The Times website and possibly other media outlets.

    This has been a huge news story, and we have (although unwittingly) added something. This translates into hard cash for the media organisations involved.

    Tonight the other big story has been about the death of Terry Lloyd. Other journalists have praised him for upholding that most fundamental of journalistic codes: the moral strength to do the right thing despite the danger, so long as the story is told.

    I therefore ask any journalist who has used my quote tonight to make a donation to Combat Stress, the charity dealing with ex-servicemen who have suffered psychological injuries.

    I know that I could be accused by some of opening a can of worms; that others may post outrageous quotes just to raise money, but this is entirely anonymous, and I don't really believe that we are in that game.
  2. At the very best Brandt they are getting it from the horses mouth. At the worst, they are lazy feckers who can't be arsed to research and rely on plagiarism.
  3. There is a serious point to be made though. If the journos start quoting ARRSE posters on every defence issue - will the Very Senior Officers decide that serving personnel are no longer to use ARRSEs services???
  4. That is a very good question Sven. However how will they stop us?
  5. They'd find it hard to prevent.
  6. Impossible even! I hope.
  7. Can SIB still go anywhere in a blokes living quarters except for that little personal cupboard in the locker. If they can then they have the authority to search a blokes computer and any technician can easily find where a blokes been on the internet. A good technician will be able to find the login name for ARRSE posters. Check the login name against the days posts and Tommy ATkins gets 7 days or whatever
  8. I think the rozzers need reason to believe that a crime has been comitted before going through people's kit. I know that a good geek could quite easily hack into the site and find out our details, but could you imagine the media reaction if this were to happen? First hint of any spooky interference here, and we've got nothing to lose- it goes noisy!
  9. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    Are they going to stand behind all the geeks in the internet caffs and ask if they are squaddies?
  10. Guys, put the tinfoil hats away. Arrse is used because it IS the one Military forum with the weight, and the media know some of our users and members are news if they belch.

    As the message is being disseminated far and wide originating off these pages , it falls on us the users, to make sure we present the message in as sane a way as possible.

    To that end, it's Current Affairs. Sweary bold type rants are funny in the Naafi , not in here, especially when media interest in this forum is going to be high over the next 24 hours, and not every media outlet is pro-CGS. Let's not give them any ammunition , hey?

    As regards Media contributions for Forces CXharities, this is an interesting idea, which I'll kick up the CoC.


  11. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Lets not get paranoid chaps.
  12. media cant be stopped...this forum is meant to be open to civvies and military ex. or existing..and however much we get copy'd by the media quotes and all sorts...nothing much can be done...other than...dont talk if you dont want people to hear about it...

    just my op.
  13. Of course not. That term is offensive. :roll: (See other thread)

  14. Slightly off subject, but are you sure about the emboldened sentence above? We are talking about ITV news here - which is basically a clip show stuffed with lowest common denominator, meaningless sound bites. I don't doubt the bravery, moral strength and one time journalistic integrity of Terry, but the channel he worked for needs to get its act together, value its staff, start 'dumbing up' and treat the British audience as grown-ups
  15. Not really what I meant- see PM.