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Evening all,
I've decided it would be useful to have a media server so I have somewhere to store all my videos and the like. I've been having a looking around the web, I've seen a few on amazon at around the £200 mark or I could build my own for around £500ish.

Anyone got any recommendations for either pre-built ones, or sets they've used for home built ones?

D Link DNS 320 £64, 2 x 2Tb drives £70 x 2 = £140.

So 4 Tb NAS which can be accessed by any media device, £204 plus postage.

A lot depends on you want use to play the media with/on.

WDTV HD live with the above NAS does everything from bluray iso's to full HD mkv's.

Coupled with a new firm fav SABnzb, with iPad or iPhone searchs it's everything you need to watch anything you want.

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