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Media Scum

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Not satisfied with the news worthiness of the atrocities in London, the media are now sniping at the emergency services. They've been seeking out complaints about the 'casualty lines' provided for families to contact who are searching for their families and freinds.

It was on the tea time news tonight.

What a bunch of two faced c*nts.
The tabloid media are scum but complaints like this are quality control for the emergency services and only serve to improove their performance IMHO.

Dave can you read?? Since Thurday the papers have been singing the praises of the emergency services.

What the 'media scum' are criticising today is the greed of the two fat cat bastards who are rakig in a frotune by issuing premium rate telephone no's for the families and freinds of the victims.

I have not seen one bad word against the paramedics firemen or any member of the mergency services who all did a fantastic job and without whom there would have been a lot more deaths.
The only criticism I saw was of Cable & Wireless, by Ofcom the telecoms regulator, after they refused to use an 0800 (free) number and opted for a premium rate number.

C&W have offered to donate their profits from the number to a charity.
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