Media Scaremongering over SDSR

Some insight in to the SDSR scaremongering that is going on and how little of what has come from the media contains any real substance - nothing new there then!!


Telling quote from article:

"Mr Ward said the industry was not aware of "any substantial conversations between industry and government" as to how any such plans to share aircraft carriers could be taken forward.
"These stories, if they have any substance, are based on government0to-government conversations which industry has no knowledge of," he added."

It'd be a bit odd to not get this ball rolling... Then again, knowing our politicians and their utter ineptitude to think ideas through to logical completion.
Reverse propaganda alert. Whatever shifts the papers, however ludicrous and imaginative, will always take prominence over the good works done by decent people.
"…He also cast doubt on how much would be saved by sharing carriers. While he could not comment on the operational costs of such an idea, he said "it wasn't immediately obvious from an industry point of view how sharing carriers would save money".…"

It clearly would cost more. We'd have to install extra ventilation to dispel the smell of garlic from the gauloise puffers for starters.
Come on, lads; this is Spin 101, the classic Bait and Switch.

Step 1: Leak reports of massive cuts to the Media. Real blood-curdling stuff like disbanding the Gurkhas and/or the RAF, making SAS soldiers redundant, forcing the Navy to share carriers with the CESM, forcing the Paras and Marines to merge etc etc.

Step 2: Wait until the Media has whipped the cattle - sorry, Great British Public God Bless 'em - into such a frenzy that they are demanding St Joanna of Nepal storms Parliament with a Kukri in each hand, leading thousands of ex-soldiers to execute the government for High Treason and turn the Nation back into an Absolute Monarchy.

Step 3: Admit that you were wrong, that you have "listened to the public" and that plans to replace the entire RAF with two pilots and a Glider will not now go ahead. Then, while the Sheeple are jumping for joy, quietly announce the spending cuts you intended to make all along. While bad, they are not the Doomsday Scenarios you've been leaking to the Press for months. The Cattle will believe they have won a great victory and St Joanna will put her knives back in their sheaths.

Step 4: Job-jobbed, back of the net. Hire a good hooker to celebrate. Just be careful when you claim back her fee on expenses...

Cynical? Moi?
that plans to replace the entire RAF with two pilots and a Glider will not now go ahead.
Bit over generous that, some A4 to make paper planes so the two pilots don't get bored seems reasonable,
My reading of the article suggests that the defence industry is getting worried that the corporate welfare tap may be about to be turned off. Maybe they realise that, unlike the MoD, foreigners won't sign contracts written in pencil on a resturant napkin?

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