Media request re. leaving to work in private security firms

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by GuardianDavid, Nov 5, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm writing a piece for the Guardian with Richard Norton-Taylor about retention issues in the armed forces. We're particularly interested in people leaving to join private security firms. Apparently, there's some concern about the growing number of captains & corporals doing this.

    I'd be interested in speaking to someone who has left the army to do this kind of work & discuss their reasons for doing so. Or you might have taken a year out to work in the private sector & then returned to service.

    We're looking to run the piece later this week (Saturday at the latest). Some new MoD recruitment and retention figures are out tomorrow so the piece will probably tie in with those stats.

    If you're willing to be interviewed - & if there's an issue about being identified, we can come to some arrangement - please contact me asap.

    David Batty
    The Guardian
  2. didn't you used to play for Leeds?
  3. that is the long and the Short[t] of it
  4. oldbaldy

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    1. Battlefield Tours

  5. "didn't you used to play for Leeds?"

    Then Last of the Summer Wine. Good in that.
    So how did you make the transition from human being to guardnia writer? :twisted:
  6. Was this cleared with the Mods? Otherwise >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> hole.
  7. Reporters. I wouldn't p1ss on them if they were on fire! :evil:
  8. I can just see the headlines now:

    "Army losing it's best soldiers to private security firms"

    "Shock, horror. Soldiers deserting their comrades to fight in private Army"

    "Soldiers allowed to take sabbatical to earn big bucks from private Army"

    Did you get permission from the bosses to trawl for a juicy story?
  9. I don't think you'll get anything new here, David. Soldiers have always done this; back in the day it was the Rhodesian Light Infantry, now it's Blackwater et al. ARRSE has strict policies on giving int to pinko journos anyway,

    I would suggest that you make enquiries through your channels about 49 PARA; this is an open forum, so I'll have to be cryptic, but suffice to say what you find might interest you. Mods please delete this if you feel it compromises OPSEC.
  10. FFS B_Z, what the fcuk are you mentioning 49 for?!?

    You'll have us all in the sh!t with that lose lips talk.... :roll:
  11. i know guys who left recently to go work in the private security sector.... BUT in my opinion, they didn't leave because the money was better and job more interesting, but rather 1. They've accomplished what they set out to do in the army. The private security sector most of the time is just a temp job... 2. The others who leave, do so because they're following on after Tootal, Butler and the rest left, after seeing their soldiers betrayed by labour government.... But thats been done to death. There's only so many times you can blame Blair and Brown for the deaths of over 300 of our men. The public don't seem to give a sh*t anymore..... and writing an article really doesn't change anything....

    Where's Obama when you need him ey.... Time for Change!
  12. Bad CO

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    We've had an email from David asking for permission to use the site and have said yes. At least he had the decency to be completely up front about who he was working for and what the article was about......
  13. I can't remember anyone from any rag other than the Grauniad actually doing that (I'm probably wrong, though). So long as the resultant story is the whole truth, shows New Labour and all its' little demons as the vile bag of green snot that it is, causes at least one resignation from their front bench and one heart attack, I support Mr Batty in his endeavour.
  14. My cousin worked for Group 4 after leaving the cadets does that count?
  15. So,he's Nora's son?