Media Request about Ukraine

Looking at some veteran sites on FB, you're getting all the usual bravado of "Yeah, I'm going, who's coming with me?" and "Lets go sort the ruskkis out!", then you look at their profiles and they are middle aged to old, overweight, couldn't run for a bus.
They might have been the mutts nuts 20 or 30 years ago when they were younger, fitter, trained, current and able, but now they would just be a massive liability.
After 27 years service, I'm old, broken and out of date. I've had my war, I'm staying at home. If by some miracle the war gets to the UK, then I will fight.
Nope! If the war gets over here, we will either be vapourised or start glowing in the dark.:eek:

We're the Oh Calcutta Light Horse we're planning on befriending sailors, opening sea cocks and sinking a few ships complements.

If you can find us - you can have us.

PS Our uniforms are fabulous
I'm a bit passed my shoot by date now but am ready and willing to travel to Croatia to fight the Russian hoardes.


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