"Media prejudice fair trial"

Heard on Radio 4 yesterday that there are concerns about the media coverage about the attempted bombings in London and Glasgow. The claim is that the "Asian Gentlemen's" (BBC words not mine) chances of a fair trial are being prejudiced by the quantity and tone of the media reporting.

An eminant lawyer made the comparison with the miners who dropped a concrete block on a taxi, killing the driver during the miner's strike. Just to make it quite clear - they were not murdering scum they were only manslaughtering scum and the papers shouldn't have tried to mis-lead a potential jury!!

So presumably the defence argument will go something like this:

" my client absolutely denies that he tried to murder innocent people. He was very late for check in and was trying to save time by driving into the departures lounge. Due to his limited command of the english language, he didn't realise that he couldn't take 60 litres of petrol and burning bottles through security and was only trying to throw them away when he was so viciously attacked by the police.

Furthermore, he wants the court to know that he has started a private prosecution against the Strathclyde police for preventing him from joining Allah and experiencing the pleasure of 72 virgins. He shouted that that was his intent and any culturally aware policemen should have respected that wish. He will also be seeking compensation from the hospital for loss of earnings, not having an ICU bed facing Mecca and for the hurt and offence caused by the nurses not wearing a full Hijab and veil causing him to have impure thoughts"

Pass the gin bottle quickly!
I'd laugh but for the fact that this could actually be allowed to happen!
Not if I was the PM it wouldnt!
There is a very good point hiding in this. The 5 murders around Ipswich drew a warning from the Attorney General about Media coverage. Recent Media coverage over Madeleine McCann has also sparked warnings. The Portuguese Police was reported to have informed one suspect that should he make a complaint to the Portuguese Courts then reporters, and newspapers, would find themselves being dragged into court.

Excessive and intrusive media reporting is pushing the law to the edge with the increasing frenzy of sometimes quite fanciful stories. The risk is that at some point a suspect will walk out of court untried, because media reporting has made it impossible to have a fair trial.
Annoying though it may be, because we all like to know what's going on, but the media drone about the recent VBIEDs is not helping anybody's understanding and can really hamper the chances of cases being satisfactorily concluded.

Media shut the Fcuk up and move on, you are not helping with your ill-informed speculation and hassling of busy policemen.
This arguement is always presented by the lawyers, but to my knowledge has never prevented a fair trial. As for the media don't get me statrted..................
would'nt want to be the defense lawyer for the flaming jeep job
do they get special lessons in lieing?

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