"media payments story is acting as a smokescreen"

Good to see the Telegraph running a story that ARRSE has been debating for over a week - and we only waited that long to allow the 15 to be repatriated...

Only just managed to convince your editor to let you have some cloumn inches Thomas?

The Telegraph said:
Officers fear furore hides real 'scandal'

Royal Navy commanders are furious that the Ministry of Defence and senior Fleet officers have failed to order a full inquiry into the debacle surrounding the capture by Iranians of 15 servicemen.

There is a growing belief that the furore over the media payments story is acting as a smokescreen to the "national scandal" of the mistakes made that have substantially undermined Britain's international standing, Fleet sources said.

Officers believe a board of inquiry would reveal what led to the decision to allow 15 troops so close to the Iranian border without support.

But defence chiefs might be reluctant to hold an official inquiry because it would expose the state of the Navy which does not have enough funding for training, equipment or ships.

Good article.

My rather cynical self felt that the whole 'cash for stories' scandal was a Government smoke screen to conceal their pathetic handling of the initial hostage crisis using the Navy personnel as sacrificial lambs.

The media have since made scathing personal attacks on several of the former hostages turning them into objects of public derision. Classic new labour spin to deflect attention from the real culprits, anyone remember Dr Kelly?

They also cannot afford to have the facts and figures regarding the dismantling of the Royal Navy in the public eye as even our uncaring, unpatriotic population would be alarmed.

It would be like telling the media that the 'Bulldog' is not a new piece of equipment bought specially to save soldiers lives on Ops but is actually a 50 year old FV432 chassis with a new drive line and some other add ons.
Agreed. This whole fiasco is being kept gently smouldering away in order that something is kept out of the public eye - there can be no doubt about.

It was probably confirmed today when the rat-like sperma-tanned foreign git Hain opened his whining uneducated gob on the subject.

(I am reduced to this level of post at the thought of Hain),
Historically, didn't the Navy convene a Court Martial when something like this happened?

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