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Despite being mentioned in a couple of other posts this doesn't appear to be common knowledge, but some media outlet paywalls can be bypassed (sometimes with some loss of article images) by turning off the javascript in your browser. For various reasons I am using Edge at the moment and it works for the following websites at least:

Washington Post
The Economist
WSJ and Times - I'm not aware of a bypass even with another method I used to use.

And if anyone is bothered about the ethics of this; firstly I don't care, secondly well... the first point should be enough, but it's the media; in my view the used car salesmen of the modern era.


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I use this

If it isn't already archived you can stick the url into the live box and it will get around the wall for you
The JavaScript thing works - I can ditch the Guardian and go back to reading the Telegraph again.

I also learned that you need to add the site names into the 'blocked' list as if you just turn off JavaScript it affects everything - I couldn't post this reply until I turned it back on again