Media coverage of the TA100 Buckingham Palace Garden Party

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by SaBRE_helpline, Aug 4, 2008.

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  1. We hope that everyone who went to the TA100 Buckingham Palace Garden Party had a memorable afternoon and, in particular, thank you to everyone who helped with our PR activity.

    As we have now received most of the press cuttings, we thought you might be interested in a quick round-up of the results. We generated over 100 items of coverage, including six tv broadcasts and 23 radio broadcasts, all of which were completely positive in content. In total, this coverage is the equivalent of spending around £1/4 million on advertising.

    A summary of the coverage is on this video:

    This is, of course, in addition to showing the nearly 500 employers who attended the Garden Party that their support is valued.
  2. Do you have any footage of the Colour Party's marching down the Mall after the Pageant?
  3. Sorry, no we don’t have any video of the pageant. There are a couple of videos from other people on You Tube but not of the march down The Mall.
  4. TA 100 Pageant. Goodness knows how many Colour Party's march down the Mall two a breast, give an eyes right to Prince Charles. And there's no official photographs. Fantastic!!!
  5. Looks like you've asked the wrong people. The march past had nothing to do with Sabre so why should they have pictures?

    Have you tried the TA100 organisers? There is a contact email address here
  6. Private Eye's latest organ gives some space to the garden party. It might not be exactly what the Royal Family had in mind but, hey, any publicity's good publicity!
  7. A pity that Sabre seemed to take all the official photographers