Media contributing to rise of Islamophobia

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Sep 10, 2006.

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  1. Telegraph Link

    According to the BBC, :

    Profile: Dr Muhammad
    Abdul Bari
  2. "When the IRA was blowing people up, the entire Catholic population of Britain was not demonised, so why is it happening to the Muslim community?"

    errrr not so I seem to recall, anyway the MCB is a nest of extremists, they are self appointed, financed by New Liebour, Holocaust deniers, not representitive at all of the Muslim Community

    'Inayat Bunglawala and Iqbal Sacranie, leading lights at the MCB, have previously praised Osama bin Laden, and Sacranie even tried to get bin Laden to visit Britain. Sacranie also supported the victimisation of Salman Rushdie and though maintaining opposition to the Holocoaust Memorial Day, he attended the memorial to Sheikh Yassin, the founder of terrorist group Hamas. Sacranie called Yassin a "freedom-fighter".'

    As to the media stirring things up - I believe that they have only just shaken off the shackles of political correctness and enforced multiculturism, the MCB knows this and knows that there days are numbered.
  3. Just who elects people to the MCB and similarly the so called Community Leaders?
  4. nobody they arise to prominance by light of being the most vocal - and as we know that never means moderate
  5. Im not his biggest fan but Bari has a point.

    Elements of the right-wing media have gone out out of their way to smear several reputable Muslim organisations of late.

    Just look at the Sunday papers today, stories like this and this.

    You have these scaremongering headlines backed up by hardly any verifiable facts, just innuendo and smears.

    The Murdoch press and the Telegraph seem to come out with this sort of nonsense every Sunday now.

    And what about that girl who went to live in Pakistan with her dad?

    "Abduction!", "Forced marriage!", "Child bride!" screamed the headlines and indignant commentators got all worked up over the plight of poor oppressed muslim women.

    Then it turns out she went voluntarily because didnt want to live in a hamlet in bleeding Stornoway.

    Then there was this particularly vicious piece in the Times yesterday which had me very upset I will admit. The author is an adviser to the Tories as well, not some crank neocon!

    Also who remembers that Spectator cover not so long ago where, in a play on the swastikas at the start of Dad's Army, they had a star and crescent encircling Europe?

    I could go on and on..

    Now I know most people are sensible not to swallow everything the papers say but its just more ammo for the haters and its just not helping solve the problems we face.
  6. News of the World Link

    Looks like a left hand drive there on the van/bus vehicle being assaulted.

    Could even be the US, both vehicles look American (not hard evidence that it was filmed in the US,granted)
  7. could it be the airsoft jihadists mentioned in another thread?
  8. That News of the World story is incredible. "Oh it could be Southern England" . What, with that gert great mountainside in the background of the opening shot? NOTAMS must be interesting this week , "Be advised , bloody great mountain appeared overnight in the Boxhill-West Humble area"

    The vehicles look American, but could just as easily be Russian copies. My money is on Georgia or Chechnya, which may explain the 'White skin' as reported (ho ho) by the News of the Screws.
  9. Or the so called mountain may just be a cardboard cut out so the training area cannot be easily placed (cunning eh?).