Media breaking us in for £1 a litre

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by easymoney, Apr 26, 2006.

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  1. Over the last few weeks local radio,national radio and tv have been warning us about the rise in petrol costs to the expected £1 a litre. It seems they are preparing joe public for the day when every forecourt will be selling our juice for the dreaded one pound sterling,which in the minds of some people is the day of the revolution. My local garage has been steadily increasing its prices by a penny a week,and it is now selling at 96.9 as of yesterday. During the fuel blockade I remember one gararge in Marlborough putting its prices up to £1.05 a litre, which at the time I thought the guy should have been done for profiteering,but alas no. I can't understand it sometimes,we're told there is world wide issues that affect our pump price,but as soon as this is mentioned garages put on the extra straight away,for fuel already under their forecourts and with duty already paid,am I misssing something or are we all used to the idea of a pound a litre.
  2. I could be wrong but I think that the duty is paid on "sold" fuel, much the same as when cigarettes go up overnight from a budget. So the fuel under the pumps is not liable until it is in your tank. This may be different for independant garages that buy their fuel from larger companies ie: shell supplying bloggs garage (when bloggs garage isn't a shell station).

    Someone feel free to correct me if required :)
  3. I'm paying £1.06 for BP Ultra at the moment. I know the 95 ron stuff is cheaper, but you're right, its been hovering just below £1.00 for ages.
  4. Most big-brand petrol stations are actually franchises and so charge what they, individually, can get away with.

    When the wholesale prices go up, this is often reflected immediately in the forecourt price with the argument that the price of replacement has to be considered.

    When wholesale prices drop, the forecourt price stays high, because the petrol station bought it at the high prices.
  5. All I can say is thank fcuk for Fuel Coupons! :lol:

    170 litre of Diesel costs me €100(ish ) = 17 cents per litre = 12 pence per litre. (all figures are approximate)

    It'll hit when (if) I get posted back to UK though. :cry:
  6. Go LPG. Only 46p a litre down my way!!!
  7. Plus of course they have to increase the cost of the fuel sold to compensate for the rise in price of the next load of more expensive fuel they buy.

    Doh! To slow again..
  8. I think we should boycott the major players and go to the major supermarkets for fuel. Maybe when they realise that they are losing out to tescos/sainsburys et al, then they might start reducing their own price for a litre of fuel!
  9. diesel cars can *allegedly* be run on vegetable oil at 45p a litre (and cheaper) I can not condone such actions of course as there is no duty paid on it..

    I believe its ok to use in vehicles that do not get used on road, though I could well be wrong.
  10. If you have large stocks of a commodity and the market price for that commodity rises (due to possible restrictions of that commodity), it is sensible from your point of view to raise your selling price with the market, overwise you will lose revenue (when that commodity is short of supply).

    Some people may well call it profitering, but the same rules apply to anything a consumer wishes to purchase.

  11. I live within eyes distance of Fawley Oil Refinery. Ive wondered why Ive seen so many recycled vegi oil tankers entering the main gates!! :D
  12. Unless you know someone who sells Red Diesel :wink:
  13. That sounds much better than my guess!
  14. veg oil is mixed into some makes of diesel, makes it more environmentally friendly. Running pure veg oil, or processing waste veg oil is incredibly eco friendly.
  15. Very seriously considered this but the cost of converting the car X cost of fuel/miles travelled means I have to keep the car for at least 8 years to pay for it even if petrol goes up to 1.50 Euros a litre.

    My car won't last another 8 years :(