Media as "feral beast"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by King_of_the_Burpas, Jun 12, 2007.

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    Media 'like feral beast' - Blair

    Tony Blair has said the media can operate like "a feral beast" and its relationship with politicians is "damaged" and in need of repair.
    The prime minister said relations had always been fraught, but now threatened politicians' "capacity to take the right decisions for the country".

    The arrival of web-based news and blogs and 24-hour television news channels meant reports were "driven by impact".

    Mr Blair also said newspaper and TV regulatory systems needed to change.

    In these modes it is like a feral beast, just tearing people and reputations to bits

    In full: Blair's media speech

    In a speech to the Reuters news agency on public life, he said the media world was becoming more fragmented, with the main BBC and ITN bulletins now getting half the audiences they had previously and newspapers fighting for their share of a "shrinking market".

    He said fierce competition for stories meant that the modern media now hunted "in a pack".

    "In these modes it is like a feral beast, just tearing people and reputations to bits, but no-one dares miss out," he said.

    'Unravelling standards'

    The result was that the media was increasingly "and to a dangerous degree" driven by "impact" which was, in turn, "unravelling standards, driving them down," he said.

    Mr Blair, who will step down as prime minister on 27 June, admitted that New Labour's own attempts to "court" and "assuage" the media in the early days of his government may have contributed to the problem.

    There will often be as much interpretation of what a politician is saying, as there is coverage of them actually saying it

    Tony Blair

    Marr on Blair and spin

    He said he had tried to have a dialogue with the media, through measures like on-the-record lobby briefings, monthly press conferences and the Freedom of Information Act.

    But, he said: "None of it to any avail, not because these things aren't right, but because they don't deal with the central issue - which is how politics is reported."

    He said people in public life, from politics to business, sport, the military and charities, found that "a vast aspect" of their job now was coping with the media, "its sheer scale, weight and constant hyperactivity. At points it literally overwhelms".

    And he said there was increasingly commentary on the news, which could prove "incredibly frustrating".

    Expecting to be rubbished

    "There will often be as much interpretation of what a politician is saying, as there is coverage of them actually saying it," he said.

    He said the relationship between public life and the media was in need of repair.

    He added: "The damage saps the country's confidence and self-belief, it undermines its assessment of itself, its institutions and above all, it reduces our capacity to take the right decisions, in the right spirit for our future."

    Mr Blair concluded his speech by saying he had made it "after much hesitation" and he expected it to be "rubbished in certain quarters", but it "needed to be said - so I've said it".

    Let me be the first to rubbish this shiite:

    1/. Bliar used the media (courtesy of the significant talents of a certain Mr A Campbell) to keep himself in office with a huge majority.

    2/. The thought that the media is threatening politicians' chances of making a correct decision makes me want to ask for my vomit bowl

    3/. The present government has never enjoyed a more agreeable relationship with their chums in the media. Private Eye uses the phrase 'Arslickhan' to describe, erm, comfortable, lunch-led relationships with the media and the Bliar government has really kicked the lunch expenses into big money.

    Why is Bliar saying this now?????????????

    Brooon will go ballistic.
  2. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer Good Egg (charities)

    So the man who has run the country by making statements to the media rather than to Parliament or the Cabinet, now is upset because they won't do as he says and print his egocentric fantasy legacy?

    To quote a phrase from my youth

    'Oh Dear. How sad. Never mind'.

    To quote a phrase from my grumpy middle age 'You've helped to destroy my country and you expect sympathy because people don't like it? Just feck off to America where they'll pay you to spout this cr@p.'

    Grumpy Grownup
  3. Hahhahahahahhahahahaaaaaaaaaaaahahahhahaha

    "We created a monster".......

    The relationship with the media is damaged, because this Government behaves with scant respect towards morals and values and common decency.

    The relationship is damaged because this Government has lied time and time again, and the media have reported it.

    Is this is fact the "Fire for effect" phase of increased media censorship?
  4. Well I have to agree with him (I need a shower after saying that), however he is just as bad for 'massaging' his statements and facts so they say what he wants, not what it actually means. POT AND KETTLE! In fact, I would suggest that he was one of tha main architects of the 'new media' method with his constant spin. Maybe we need some 'analysis' so the public can see through the spin to some of the facts. (Although I personally HATE all the analysis. (I gave up watching TV news, in fact all broadcast TV, years ago!)

  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    How odd, when the gummint stops spinning, the media continues like a whirling top. Funny old game isn't it.

    So, the next thing on the statute books, apart from the loss of OUR freedoms and the absence of parliament from the Freedom of Information Act will be censorship of the free press.

    Here we go, there I go, turn off the lights willya?
  6. The manipulation of the media was developed by Blair and Campbell - the fact that people are watching less of the news on the TV leads me to believe that we have either become learned to this spin or some bird on Big Brother has her rack out.

    The real crux of Bliar's rant is that he can no longer communicate his drivel.

    Nuspeak anyone?
  7. Don't do this. Rise up and set fire to their expense accounts.

    For a serving (for the time being) Prime Minister to blame the media, sorry "feral media" for being ... the media ... after years of unrelenting spin is the last straw in Blair's Legacy Cap IMHO.

    Researchers on the BBC Today programme will tell you how much Bliar's government attempt to routinely spin the daily presentation of 'news' (in fact they won't because they'll get sacked).

    And it's a matter of general knowledge that if you watch Channel 4 News on a regular basis, you'll find Jon Snow - a find, upstanding reporter - regularly saying "we asked someone from the Ministry of XXXX to respond to this report, but they said there was no-one available".

    No government in history has used the media better to its advantage.

    If the relationship between the media and the government is now this bad - Broon is fcuked at the next election.
  8. Unfortunately, broadcast news and TV in general (with a few notable exceptions) is little more than 'mongish ramlings', feeding the masses with drivel. I no longer have a TV! I read news on the internet, and if i am reccomended to watch a TV show, I get it on DVD. When visiting friends and rellies, I occasionally watch a bit of TV and it only serves to reinforce my beliefe in switching the thing off for good. One of the reasons I, as a civvie, come on this site, is there is often very interesting and informed dicscussion of the 'topics of the day'. Ok there is also dross on here, but it is easier to ignore! Do yourselves a favour, and unplug the tv from the wall or the sky box, savea few quid and go and do something less boring and less brain-rotting. The, very occasional good TV show is not worth the license fee!

  9. Manipulation of the media was first used by Thatchers press secretary Bernard Ingham - it was however turned into an art form by Campbell and Mendelson
  10. Sven, I hesitate to post this, cos you'll get your tin foil hat out, but Mandy, Alaistair and the early mob were amateurs.

    The media manipulation of Bliar's World Tour and Brooooooon's trip to see Our Lads has been worthy of North Korea.

    I'm always amazed, mind, that they make so many basic mistakes, given the sophistication and the expense of the PR mission.

    And yes, folks, we're all paying for it.
  11. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer Good Egg (charities)

    I believe it was started by Tim Bell on behalf of Mrs. Thatcher and the lovely Keith Joseph. Bliar, Mandelson and Campbell have certainly developed it to a high art. Did they not anticipate that eventually the monster they created would turn on them? I thought they were supposed to be intelligent!
  12. Even Machievelli was discussing spin centuries ago in 'The Prince'. Every leader in history will have done it to some degree. It is expansion of the types of media and the incessant drive to force it down our throats, combined with the recent infatuation to control everything that has created the issue.

    The real shame is that we feel that we cannot believe anything that our government tells us.
  13. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer Good Egg (charities)

    True. Great book. I try to follow its principles at work :)

    I do think that in the last 25 years we've replaced Cabinet and Parliamentary Government with spin and leakage (oooh messy), and quite agree that you cannot believe anything the Government tells you. I'd like to add that you also cannot believe anything printed in a newspaper, as the editors / owners are doing their own spinning.
  14. This is the bit that made me laugh

    I wonder why that is then?

    Maybe if the politicians actually said what they mean and mean what they say then we wouldn't need interpretation at all.

    How many times have we heard weasel phrases and self contradicting blabber not to mention outright lies* from the mouth of MPs?

    *economy of the truth perhaps, it matters not a jot what colour rosette they wear, they are all as slimey as each other.
  15. Long, long before that, especially during WWII, the government set up its own news agencies and had its own "secret journalists" - all of which continued after the war.

    Campbell and Mendelson were just bad at it, no subtlety.