Media and the Black Watch

No doubt you've all heard about the 3 Black Watch soldiers who died today in a suicide + mortar attack...........RIP.

I'm becoming increasingly pissed off with the media giving away so much information about the Black Watch's mission in Iraq - surely they are putting lives at risk???!!!???

I mean the BBC may as well say 'OI terrorists - the british are at Camp Dogwood now if you want to go have a go!! If your interested we can give you a map and directions'......

The government needs to nip this problem in the bud.........NOW. NO details about the mission should be showed to the public until AFTER the mission is complete..........

:( FFS!
I mean surely this is common f***ing sense...........

I'll stop my ranting now........
I agree, there is a lot of potentially sensitive information being thrown around here. The media have clamped onto this story and are intent on broadcasting every piece of news as quickly as possible. They need to stop thinking about their viewing figures and start thinking about the lives of our guys they could be putting at risk.
They also need to stop dwelling on the fact it is a risky move to take, war is risky! They need to be behind our boys 100% My thoughts and prayers are with them and the families.
Haven't been this angry for quite a while. Media and politicians, well off Christmas card list.
The media wouldn't be compromising opsec if TCH and his cronies hadn't bolloxed news of the deployment in the first place. It was the families who leaked the embuggeration to the press.

That apart, every rag with a cellphone would be broadcasting the movement of UK troops north as soon as it started, even if the press remained blissfully unaware. They seemd to know where we were going last year before we did. Nothing new there. A great-uncle of mine who fought in the desert in WW2 said the same happened then, pre-sat and cell-'phones.
I agree, claymore.

I have a lot of sympathy with the various points which people have made about the media and OPSEC.

However, I would question how much security has really been breached by most of the stories we have seen in the media.

The tiny sketch map gives the enemy no useful information on current locations.

The TV reports we have been seeing recently make it clear that they are made under MOD restrictions, and quite rightly so. Today we saw RE reinforcing an existing river crossing - militarily significant, could be but it is idle to pretend that the report gave anything away. The bridge was a known crossing and its use by Brits was observed by locals long before the report was transmitted.

Several of us were concerned about the move north from Basra being telegraphed. Arrse (including me!) went very quiet while the move was in progress. The problem is that although the Divisional move NW in January 1991 was kept quiet until it was too late for the enemy to react, the political situation now is so different from 1991 that a similar silent move by the BW was really out of the question. And we all know why the political situation is so different.

I suggest that what the enemy are getting out of the media is not detailed locations, boundaries, tactics and so on but political information which they may or may not be able to exploit. They are well aware that the war is controversial, but they will also learn from our media that the British people will always support deployed forces.

I did make the point myself that the BBC correspondent was IMO over-emphasizing the troops being 'nervous' etc, but this is not OPSEC.
No but my sh*t is being gripped by journalists implying BW had a really easy time in the South, and this is now the real war.

Are you listening ITN and C4?
Would dearly love to have a face to dace with a number of journalists and reporters who have said that the Watch have had an easy time in and around Basra - though saying that i would probably be arrested for GBH afterwards.

The Battle group was lucky in its dealings down south - luck earnt due their professionalism and dedication to the job in hand.

It makes me sick to the stomach that whilst the Jocks are out in Iraq doing their job this government is in the process of possibly dismantling and destroying the Regiment all for the sake of saving money that they have wasted elsewhere.

I am so bloody angry
Been out of the big firm for some time now but have been consistently angry at media rporting of all military action. Not just for opsec reasons but because of the sensationalism lent to every deployment.

All that 'triangle of death' crap cannot have helped anyone, especially the families. Now that we have had the 3 tragic losses to the BW perhaps the media can show some respect and leave the families to cope in peace.

I have pretty strong views on the reason the Prim Mincer deployed them in the first place but now is not the time to get into that one.

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