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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Dec 6, 2005.

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  1. This is one American’s view of the problems that exist between their media and their forces. Given the obvious ‘translation’ into our ways of doing things, does it go towards explaining the similar situation here?
    Our colleagues across the pond might comment on how they see this as correctly representing the military/media relationships.
  2. Ever heard of cut and paste?

    It's a simple tool that allows you to highlight the important facts in a terminally long document.
  3. I would say that most of the posters here feel closer to the cynicism of the reporters than to the idealism of the American officers. I would also think that the British can make the distinction between reporting that is true but not "good news" and plain bad reporting.
  4. You sarcastic little tw@t - ever heard of scan reading or do you need everything neatly laid on a plate for you. Go and get a brain and re-show - knob.

    RedCap, thanks, that was an interesting article and well worth the read.
  5. Angry! Gonzo has a point though, no-one MADE you read the whole document! Good article
  6. Repeated for effect. Thanks ORC.
  7. That article is everything that is wrong with American Journalism. It doesn't argue a point, it spoon feeds it to you.

    Everything is black and white, and everyone is a stereotype. There is a large amount of opinion here. He's yet to quote anyone to back up his opinions as well.

    Every soldier is either a poorly educated, ignorant grunt, or and intelligent but utterly indoctrinated, press hating officer:

    Whilst every journo is either prepared to stab his/her mates in the back to get that Pulitzer nomination or lie to get that front page

    Lazy, emotive journalism worthy of a british red top.

    3/10 Stay after class
  8. gingwarr beat me to it, but I will add this little tid bit.

    Most news printed about soldiers and military, in the US at least, is about fcuk ups; Abu Ghrab, weddings bombed, civilians killed, etc. It is also critical of their leadership including the civilian leadership from CinC down. And they seem to be fixated on how many of their fellow soldiers have lost their life, keeping a running tally and reporting and bombastic fashion when anoth 10, 50, 100, 1000 have died. The motto of the journo is if it bleeds it leads.

    The journos, as well as some politicians Charles Rangel comes to mind, think that the enlisted is some poor mind numb down on his luck country bumpkin, and entlisted only because he couldn't find any other job. That officers are pompus control freaks on a power trip. This sterotyping on the journos part is evident in their reporting, and is clearly evident in the article posted above. The military doesn't hate the press, hell they protect the press. The press in the US is protected by the Constitution and a soldier takes a oath to support and defend the Constitution. Thereby ensuring the press the freedom of speech.

    I know some that resent, mind you not hate, the press. Here they are protecting their freedom and yet these ingrates can't find it in them to put some positives in print, so some successes. Those that I know don't expect a cheerleading press, that's what the Stars and Stripes and AFN is for, but they would appreciate some balance.

    Hey but what do I know I was only entlisted, and in the four years I served I was taught to not think for myself :roll:
  9. Is it reasonable to differentiate between front line independent journalists,

    (who throw themselves around dangerous places, sporting fishing waist coats, a camera bag and big balls)

    and the

    UK US/office based journalists that choose content and direct the "flavour" of news pieces? (the leechs)

    Do the armed forces have more respect for the former?

  10. I've been following Ralph Peters for a while and also read
    It was really the contrast between them and Fred that led me to post this to see how near each was. Obviously, press guys have to follow the line of their editors. My reading of things here is that the UK troops are still able to make their own minds up as to who is and who isn't worth their salt.
    There is just so much happening in Iraq that it is difficult to know just what is really going down.