MEDEVAC/SALTA/SITREP/ etc. plastic binder sheet pack

I've seen one of these kicking about. Had chat that John Bulls might supply this but have yet to find it. Anyone know where I can source this?
Don't spend money on this, you get issued an aide memoire when you go.

AC 71901 a small notebook sized one and AC 71853 a TAMs one for commanders. Both printed on waterproof paper.

Both tend to be updated regularly. "They must be cross-checked with current theatre practices on arrival and/or during RSOI" as it states on the notebook.


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E-nirex - ARRSEpedia

All contributions gratefully received.

I can't find the SALTA in the e-nirex - maybe I'm dim. I've been advised to try Army Knowledge Exchange on ArmyNet. Which I will although I usually end up tearing my hair out looking for anything on ArmyNet.

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