Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Murielson, Apr 6, 2006.

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  1. Strange question maybe but I need to find out who supplies Medevac/Bodybag to the Armed Forces and manufacturers part numbers, website details etc. Bit of research for work as we may have a requirement to supply something along these lines and I would like to know what MOD uses so I have a standard to start with or compare against.

    Thanks in advance for any info you may be able to assist with.
  2. Sounds like a highly sucessfull company, when you have to do market research on arrse. :roll:

    Any prospective bidders for equipment should contact the supplier relations group in Bristol. Anyone trying to peddle their wares direct to an IPT will be told to go away. I would suggest that you start there.
  3. Stab. WTF would you know?
  4. A lot.
  5. Do you mean bags for cadavers, NBC bags for live casualties, or equipment for aeromedical evacuation?
  6. Thanks for that sh*t for brains - looking forward to when your comments prove useful but once again you failed here. Just hope the 2B remains as it frightens me to think that you could make it through the process.

    Don't assume you know why I am asking the question as you have got it wrong again. Having worked within DLO and DPA for many years I know a little bit about the system. No bidding, no peddling and no clue from you once again.

    Useful comments would still be appreciated as I am trying to tap into the wealth of military experience about a topic that users may know about. It's called making use of all available avenues.
  7. Not certain yet VB as I was asked the question as people were heading out for a meeting - it has that fastball feel about it that may come to something or may fall by the wayside. All the above info would be helpful if it isn't too much of a bind and via PM if you are not happy posting it on the main board.
  8. Mmm once again stab puts big fat boot in mouth, you really are a first class tosser, by the way, incase your wondering why I comment, lets just say you really, I mean really ! pissed me off with your ill informed narrow minded opinion in another thread..any ideas why this fool dosn't have an "oxygen thief" tag ??
  9. stabtiffy2b..... if you think I am going to enter into a p.m. based exchange of views you are going to be disapointed. If you cannot remember the who, where and when of back handed ill informed comments you have made then I for one am not going to entertain you.

    You sir are an arrse, as has been quite cleary demonstrated with your comments on this thread.

    Apologies to Murielson for distracting from his question, action on p.m. is still pending
  10. Murielson - have pm'd you with more info.
  11. You are quite a tosser, aren't you :roll:
  12. Not worried and works for me. Help I can handle but you can't do it without some sort of misplaced or implied criticism - you made inaccurate assumptions and jumped in two footed again. Post was in the medics area for a reason!!

    I often wonder if I can help on threads too but then realise I have nothing constructive to add so don't reply. You may wish to think about that one as I remember you criticising other posters for their number of posts after only a short period on the site. Your stats at todays date are now up to:

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  13. Many thanks - all constructive info greatly appreciated.