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CQMS said:
Do you think that we don't read the papers?
On the contrary Q'
I think this site is brilliant! If I miss something, I can come on here, 24 hrs a day (well, anytime in that 24hrs, I don't sit here all day ha ha!)

There are always links to topical issues on this site, much I would have missed by not being here!

Just thought I'd share!

Since when is it news that a bunch of back stabbing cunts are being a bunch of......................back stabbing cunts?
Assuming what has been reported in the 'Hate on Sunday' has some 'truth' to it, then its should not be that surprising about Lord Mandelperson (all alleged of course... my Lord.,,)

Looks like he is just looking after Number one, Himself!!

Lord Pete must think that Broone is a buffoon, and theres not much point in having any 'Respect' for him. Maybe a 'Julius Caesar' hatchet job on old Cyclops in a few months time..... After all, Neues Arbeits might need some 'Young Blood' in the Dear Leader post..... Mr Milipede maybe...or even Lord Pete himself....??

Where ambition is the motivating factor, then anything might happen. After all.... even B'lair never was a 'Socialist', he used the Labour Party for his own selfish ambitions.... (allegedly....) :roll: :p

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