Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bigdaddy, Apr 30, 2008.

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  1. No point in saying don't take the pish, because I know I'm gonna get some.
    My ex thought it would be funny to stamp on one of my medals and broke the case.
    As I like my stuff immaculate, I asked my mate (who's ex forces himself)

    'Is it acceptable to buy a presentation case for both my medals, like a wall mounted one?'

    He said 'No, you'll look a cnut'

    But, what the hell am I supposed to put it in? Glasgow have already replaced one.
  2. I wish, fcuking btich is pregnant 'forgot' to take the pill.
  3. Disrespectful twat she is then.
  4. I shouldn't worry, its unlikely to be yours.

    Did she stamp on your medal because you were wearing them with your rubber escape suit and gas mask attached to your bottom and she was aiming for your heart with a Stilletto?

    As soon as you walked out the door a large carribean gentleman entered the back door and entered her back doors...... then gobbed on her back, called her a tramp and left.
  5. Typical, it was my bos case. If she had stamped on my irq one, it probably wouldn't have done anything.

    But - back to topic, will I look a twat or not?

  6. He actually meant you'll look like a

    CNUT !
  7. Leather or felt medal wallets or go look on ebay or..... buy a hand-bag
  8. Only for asking bone questions on the internet.

    Why not hit her in the face with a 15 inch length of 5/8ths mild steel?

    Post her phone number on here if you truly hate her
  9. She thought it would be funny?? See if she finds it funny when you kick her favourite pet to death.
  10. Cut her tits off.
  11. If you're worried about the case, then don't.

    Just hand the medals back in as you clearly don't deserve them if that's all you have to worry about. FANNY.
  12. A little harsh Dingerr?
  13. But Fair.
  14. And funny. Like Rape.
  15. She probably stamped on the Bos one because that's where you were when the foetus was conceived.