Discussion in 'Medals' started by deerhunter, Jul 14, 2007.

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  1. Yes, accepted as being alright.

  2. No, I'd sooner not.

  3. I didn't qualify for any while serving so will buy some (yes, you are out there)

  1. Yes, I know, I know..

    A hotly contended issue, but still one which I'm trying to gauge my thoughts about.

    I had a conversation last night over a couple of beers ref the significance, when no longer serving, of our medals. My point, after attending our local Remembrance Day parade in SD for several years is whether I wear my medals with my suit. My decision is no. The reason for this is that while I did wear medals while still serving and attending in uniform, I will simply wear a suit and tie, pay my respects, and leave. That, to my mind, is the reason for the Parade, and that's it. On another forum I have deliberated about medals, etc, and, having recently been in Ypres for the Last Post at the Menin Gate, and having seen a clown in RBL blazer and and beret with a chest full of those non-issue, buy-it-at-leisure commemorative medals normally advertised in Soldier Mag for wankers (he had six non-issue medals and was in the main parade itself). My thoughts are:

    Anyone who has ever served would ping the knob for being a wannabe.
    Anyone who has never served will be none the wiser.
    It's enough for me to know what I've done, what medals I'm entitled to, and simply just be there with my own private thoughts in a in unostentatious way, and to go and have a beer / something to eat without attracting attention to myself.

    I'm going back to Ypres in Aug, without medals, what do you reckon?
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  2. Its a no-brainer of a question, really - of course you should wear your medals. Its nothing to do with being ostentatious, you earned them and they are an outward sign of the pride you have in your service. I know that there is bling available, good luck to the old 'uns who feel they need to buy this stuff, but those who know will know that your gongs are issued.
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  3. I agree with AF1 in that you should wear 'em - you've earned them, so be proud. Disagree on the bling though, for the same reasons.
  4. Nail, Hammer, Head. I've never worn my gongs in civis, and I have no real intention to do so.

    (plus I'm a pikey with no suit/blazer) I burnt them all.....
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  5. I think you should wear them proudly with your head held high after all you earnt them, your not wearing the Legion xmas tree decorations and anybody in the loop will know that straight away and anybody who doesnt recognise your medals, im sure you'll answer politely and tell them how you earnt them,

    I for one only have 2medals but am proud to wear them both as i believe i worked incredibly hard to earn them, only once a year mind you or as the occasion deems fit,

    remember its not just 80+ vets who carry the scars of war mentally and physically, these days 18year old Toms have war stories from Afghan and Iraq to put my Grandads to shame
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  6. Well said Spitlock. I wore my medals at the rememberance parade last year and being a young(ish) looking chap I was asked by a few people who they belonged to, I got some shocked looks back when I said that they were mine and I really couldnt give a sh*t whether they believed me or not.
  7. Old chestnut, been done to death on other posts, bling is sad and so are the people who wear them and because these things are sold in Soldier, Legion and Saga these cold war warriors feel they must have some form of approval also in the main its the only thing they have to wear, interesting enough this is why Australia and Canada reviewed there medals and involved veterans organisations in ensuring that medals are on chests and with that a certain pride on armistice day and better attendance. It is my opinion we need to review all decorations and medals ASAP, it would be an interesting excercise to see what changes others would propose.
  8. Wear them I have 2 from my time in GSM NI, Cyprus UN which I earned and wear with pride I am proud of my service
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  9. Wear them, or the miniature versions.
  10. I wear mine with pride every 11/11......
  11. B*llocks put them up, And make a point of shameing of the plastic W*nkers on parade with all the micky mouse crap that the RBL sell its time that the real troops take these parades back and get rid of the Walts.
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  12. It's only for one day a year.
  13. I think it looks ok when veterens wear their medals with Regtl/Corps blazer, tie and beret.

    Pinned on a tatty 2 piece suit doesn't really cut the mustard for me.
  14. I wore mine on last 11 11 and had some envious looks - they can have them if they take the time I spent and my memories - they represent my history and who I am so I wear them!
  15. Wear mine on a black overcoat with a suit on the relevant occasion.