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I am still waiting my Op TELIC 1 medal.

As of now I am not going to wear my mess kit medals. Whats the point? If they can't be arrsed to sort this out 3 1/2 years later and issue my medal, then it devalues the concept of wearing your medals.

boycott of medasls till further notice....


Kit Reviewer
In fact, stand up at the mess meeting and tell the RSM "Stick your medals up your Arrse"!

I will go for 80 extras and a slight raising of the voice
Game on!!! ALthough I shall be a little more suttle than that. A swift absence on mess kit nights (which are few and far between anyway) and a brisk swipe of a stanley blade to the khaki and blue stuff should do it.

I think it might just be that I have a bit of a bag on at the moment. :( hope it passes.....I just want my medal!! :(

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