Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by RoyalMarine1995, Mar 23, 2011.

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  1. I was just wandering about medals.

    After three years in the Armed Forces, does anyone know what medals you would expect to recieve? (the Iraq Medal, Afghanistan Campaign etc.)

    And how long does it take to get the ACSM?

    If anyone on this site has been in the forces for three years or less, can they tell me what to expect?
  2. You won't be eligible for the Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal which is being dished out early next year as you need 5 years service under your belt to qualify. The ACSM is 1080 days which equates to seven six month tours (omitting R&R). If you don't go to Afghanistan you most probably won't get a medal as there are no others flying around at present unless you do a UN tour in Cyprus which is very unlikely.
  3. Don't count your chickens too soon. Depends on the 3 year period. Recently you could have had a clutch of NATO medals from all points FRY. Then came TELIC/HERRICK. A clutch of wierd and wonderfull short wars. All do able in a 3 year period.
    You might get your chance in saharan Africa yet
  4. The government haven't got the money or troops for another operation at present.
  5. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    You think that's going to stop them? We're committed in Libya now, Cameron has led the charge on this diplomatically and if boots are needed he'll have to ante up. You may yet get another one for your collection, if you have room
  6. To be honest I think we (and the US) have learnt our lesson in fighting against muslims. You just can't win. I don't think either want to get entangled in another Iraq which will happen in Libya.
  7. Fally, wasn't there something on defence news about reducing the ACSM to four tours of 180 days down from 1080 in total? As you've said, the JSP still says 3 years, but I'm sure there was something about it being changed.
  8. Don't know mate. If that is the case though then I only need another tour to get a bar on my ACSM. :-D
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  13. What’s the justification in changing it? People who have this medal, I haven’t, thoroughly deserve it. To reduce the qualifying time to 720 would cheapen it. Plus the cost would be prohibitive. No this medal is special do the time get the medal, simple.
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