Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by CB99, Sep 25, 2009.

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  1. Gents, my first post so go easy!

    I come from quite a large family with a lot of uniformed service background, mostly RAF, Navy and Police. I have found recently that Im getting a lot of pressure from them because Im not 'towing the line' and havent got as many medals or history that carries on the tradition of serving in the forces.

    I am currently 6 years away from getting my Special Constabulary Long Service and Good Conduct Medal and 4 years from my Cadet Forces Medal. I just wanted your opinions on what unit to join in the TA so that I can get the maximum amount of tour time (and medals) in the shortest period of time. Hopefully this will shut the family up and prove that I am just as good as them.

    Cheers in advance
  2. Which bit didnt you get TurboTache?
  3. BOLOX - having lots of gongs means nothing. I know guys who got the south atlantic medal and never left Woolwich.
    Its being part of the big picture that is important. Clearly you have led a sheltered life.
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  5. Do the police not get a medal for deploying as part of that international training team :?
  6. I know gongs are the bee all and end all, and I was the first in my family to take a more academic route which pretty much stopped me from comitting full time. I did 2 years UAS aswell as my service with the ATC however they refused a transfer to what I truely wanted to go into(intelligence) so I went back to the ATC and finished my degree and looked at CivPol, however i still feel like iv missed out somewhat.
  7. how sad, if it means so much to you just go on ebay and buy some
  8. yeah but oppertunities are few and far between, plus I want to see frontline before I get too old
  9. Does your advice come from experience Argylls or are you always this anally retentive?
  10. Tell you what (Wah shield on) have a visit to the recruiting office and see if you are suitable for the forces (Wah Shield off)
  11. Whats all this Wah-ing business? Iv been to the local recruiting office however they only seem to be interested in recruiting infantry. They pulled a face when I suggested I may be a little too intelligent for running round with pointy objects.
  12. Wah.

  13. Have you all been watching too much Allo' allo' or summat? I asked a few people on a police forum and they suggested i ask you guys on here...
  14. Police Forum walt.