Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by forniup, Feb 4, 2005.

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  1. Medals: At the beginning of December, 2,037 medals awaited award to Service personnel and veterans. They consisted of 46 Iraq Medals, 130 Suez Zone clasps and 1,861 other awards. Once eligibility was established, medals were usually engraved and dispatched within two weeks, Mr Caplin said in a written answer.

    This was extracte from the Under Big Ben part of this months Soldier Magazine. I'm not sure if I am reading the article correctly but it seems to me that estblishing eligability must take an absolute age as it only takes two weeks to engrave an dispach a medal. Looks as if either a few Telic medals have got lost in the post or Mr Ivor Caplin Defence Minister is telling a little white lie.
    Also if they are only producing 46 per month I'm not that good at maths but it could take some time to get through the back log.
    Congrats to the 46 though they should do the lottery this weekend!
  2. When a unit becomes eligible for a service medal why doesn't the unit cut an order authorizing it to everyone in the unit ? Why the delay ?
  3. At roughly 1200 a year, expect yours in 2045. Stand by your zimmer.8)
  4. See also in the Soldier Mag that in the Modern Medals bit, they talk about the LS & GC, but show a piccy of what I think is the MSM. They also state that you get the LS & GC after 18 years exemplary conduct. I thought it was after 15 years undetected crime!! It also explaines the ribbon wrong and says that other clasps have been introduced.

    Me thinks they're confused with something totally different!!! :? :?
  5. You would think enough medals would be ordered so they can have them immediately available.
  6. Sorry T6, this is the British Army we're talking about. Suffering from the MoD's wonderful "just in time" policy. In this case, probably "just in time" before we die of old age.