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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by spike7451, Aug 26, 2006.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Just been watching the end of 'Flog it' after the Military Tatoo & some woman on there is selling her Great Uncles 5x WWI medals for £50. (she got £75)
    She said her Great Aunt is in a nursing home.
    Anyway,I for one would never dream of selling my Fathers medals for whatever the reason.They to me are a part of my family history.
    So,the question is would you sell your family medals or even yours for whatever reason?
  2. sheldrake

    sheldrake RIP

    Not a chance!

    We have 5 generations of medals from both my side and Mrs Shelduck's side in a cabinet at home, including 2 MC's from my wife's Grandfather and Great Uncle. Mine come out on Remembrance Sunday, then go straight back in again. In some way, it defines who you are as a family.

    Both kids took the collection into primary school when they were doing history (under my supervision). They were the only kids who were able to bring anything like that to show the others, never mind 5 generations worth. I find that rather sad. There must have been other kids who had Grandparents and Great Grandparents who fought during the wars even if their parents had subsequently not served. What happened to their medals? Or perhaps, the other kids' parents just didn't give enough of a toss or did not attach due importance to their parents' medals. As I said, rather sad. I expect this is the case with the woman in "Flog It".

    Our collection will go to the Shelducklings when we shuffle off this mortal coil and I expect that Shelduckling No1 will add his own medals to it in due course.
  3. Some sell them because they have nothing else to raise captial.

    A sad state of affairs indeed, would I sell family medals or my own, if neccesary? You better believe it. If I sell my medals and get money to put my kids in college or pay for something else important they would be gone... would I regret it? Well, I would be upset but there are things that are more important.
  4. I have my grandfather's WWI medals (including the MM). When my mother gave them to me she said "his regimental museum wants them". I said "not a chance". Mum said "thank you; that's what your grandmother said". They are more valuable than the money and would never be sold.
  5. You could always loan them to the museum, you don't have to give them or sell them to the museum. They can display them on your behalf, and you are safe in the knowledge that they will safe, probably safer as there is also fire prevention measures in place.

    And you get your name in the museum.
  6. Sore point in my family, my grandfathers were given away (by gran).

    I remember sitting on his knee and being told what they all were for, he was very proud of what he had done. I hope one day to replace them all, put them in a presentation case and give them to my mother. Its not the same but .. it'd make her happy.

    Hopefully I take ownership of my other great grandfathers WW1 postcard collection (which is another sore point - as all my grandparents were the youngest in their families). Parts of that should come online tomorrow PM
  7. I think giving away your dad's or granddad's medals would feel like giving away a part of his soul.
  8. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    My grandfather never collected his medals, and I'm hoping to get them myself after talking to My grandmother about it. My Great Uncles medals should head my way when the time comes and I think we have some WW1 medals in the family that will head my way, just need to talk to the other Grandmother about that side of the family.

    As you all say, sell them? I'd rather eat from a dustbin than sell them.

  9. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I have my grandfathers (WW1- Mesopotamia) and fathers (WW2- Burma) and mine which hopefully the binlids will keep for a while.

    As stated some people dont hold the medals with the same store a sothers and I have been tempted to sell mine and get copies made but they work out nearly as expensive as the real thing.
  10. Very true. But the way I saw it was that he could have done that had he wanted to when he was alive. However he left them to me with instructions to hand them over when I was 21. I'd feel really bad handing them over. He was a great man and died when I was 5. Been given. his medals was one of the best moments of my life.
  11. 75 quid for five WW1 medals is a disgrace in my eyes, We are talking about a war where some people didnt even make it past the first STAND UP AND CHARGE THE ENEMY MACHINE GUNS!!! I could never sell my families medals, they will go to my son and his sons.
    Its also diabolical that any one should have to sell family medals and decorations to pay for health care in later life

    Rant over!
  12. I have my great grandfather's WW1 medals, and those of my grandmother, father and uncle. I would never sell them as I am merely a custodian until my son inherits them along with mine. He, of course, may do with them as he pleases but he's is fully aware that I would part with everything else that I own before I would give up these medals.

    My grandfather's WW1 and WW2 medals were burgled when he was on his death bed in 1972.

    My great grandfather was 54 when WW1 started and 56 when he joined up. Why the fcuk he would do that?
  13. I understand that all WWI medals were issued. However after WW2 service people had to apply for their medals, many of whom never bothered to make the trip to the Post Office, fill in their postcard claiming their medals and sent it off. Most had had enough of war etc.

    You can contact the MOD Medal Office who can tell you if the medals were issued and if not issue them to the Veteran of legal NOK.

    Visit where you can find an application form.

    Whilst this would have been a laughable suggestion this time last year you should get a reply within a reasonable time.

    PM me if I can be of any help.
  14. I believe that officers had to apply for them which is why my grandfather never received his or the two MIDs he earned in mesopot -- it just wasn't his style.

    You must hurry up on the WW1 medal application. They will only issue them to the immediate nok - if your Grandmother is still alive she a signed letter from her should be the key. The AMO wanted to stop issuing them but couldn't find the cash for the requisite advert in the daily broadsheets that was deemed fair notice so the service is still available...for now.
  15. I`d NEVER sell my medals under any circumstances, or any that belonged to my family.

    I did here an interesting sorry once, not sure which Regiment it was, but it was a VC winner who fell on hard times so sold his Cross at an auction , the Regiment heard about this, and when it came up for auction, they bought it for him, and presented it back to him. Sometime later he was skint again so he sold it again, this time the Regiment bought it, and put it in the Reggy museum.