Medals that you shouldn't/wouldn't wear ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by maxrated, Jan 9, 2011.

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  1. A chap was showing me his medals one of which was awarded for his time in Zimbabawe/Rhodesia (The Zimbabawe Medal) when the British government and military, supervised the handing over of the place to local rule.

    I politely asked him whether he felt he could wear said medal with any degree of integrity, in light of the fact that the process he took part in, essentially handed a country, that was a regional superpower, over to a bunch of communist thugs who turned the place into a basket case banana republic within a few short years.

    He said he had never thought about it like that and that it was an amusing point of view.

    Would anyone else consider, not wearing a decoration for a deployment, that in hindsight turned out to have been a historical embarresment.

  2. Do you want someone to say the OSM Afghanistan?
  3. To name but a few would you include Aden (GSM) and Iraq in your list.
  4. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    The same argument could be said for NI - we handed power to the group that we fought for over 3 decades!!!! :(

    Do I have to hand back my one and only bit of bling?
  5. He is lucky then to get that medal, I only got the Rhodesian Medal

    I hope you know I spent a good 20 days over there on Op Agila

    it was hard work maintaining a cease fire, and that was just between military and civpol from UK and Australia.

    I wonder if we didn't have as many tours going on as they do now with bling attached would these topics raise themselves so much. Us Cold War Warriors found bling hard to come by beside Op Banner :)
  6. I would say people have earned that by dint of service, especially now when we see others that don't wear it. It's interesting to see some WOs1 within the trade without it.

    There are plenty of people wearing MBEs who shouldn't.
  7. Not at all, as far as I'm aware Afghanistan is not and has not been embaressing for anyone who has been awarded OSM Afghanistan.

    The Rhodesia issue just happens to be close to my heart for various reasons, hence the question.
  8. That was one of a hell of a Battle...........*swings lantern in the RBL Club*
  9. I've never understood the obsession with medals you should/shouldn't wear. It's simple really. You wear the medals you are awarded if you are allowed to wear them according to Queen's regs. If I've been awarded it, I'll wear it, but I'd never campaign for a medal nor turn one down if I've been awarded it. Politicians choose the campaigns, we go until we're told to come back.
  10. Get me another drink and I'll tell you all about it son....
  11. I wear mine with pride, as I will the next one (or bar) rules dependant, as I would this if it was sanctioned

    {C86C3FDF-4D66-4219-89E7-FF3495599190}.jpg ^_~
  12. Thats his fault is it? I wouldn't have been as polite as that man. He was awarded that medal by the British state for risking his life overseas, you think he really gives fcuk that you think he doesnt deserve it? Id have bought him a drink for his small contribution to dragging the UK out of its 20th century colonial hangover.

  13. Hey up Auld-Yin you should have received one of these from CinC Herforder operation BAOR, if not feel free to use mine when appropriate

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  14. **** off. I'd have none left.