Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by squirtchy, Nov 14, 2012.

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  1. i've been interested in joining the territorial army for some time now but have put back attending the recruitment centre due to wanting to get my job sorted and passed everything successfully. The end is nearly in sight and i'm looking at applying to the Anglian regiment (6th) in January.

    I've done some research on it but one thing thats poped into my head while reading up training and service ect is, how do you earn medals and ribbons? Obviously it's for good conduct and heroic service ect but do you get one for passing basic training, doing a tour ect?

    I only as ask one of the people i went to school with had his passing out parade a few months ago and already had 3 on his coat, and as far as i know he went into logistics!

    I am just curious really, there must be some knowledgeable serviceman out there who could lend a helping had!

  2. Popcorn Check, Beer Check.

    3 on his coat as a Loggie sound perfectly reasonable
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  3. Self Awarded perhaps? :p Storemen need bling too! :-D
  4. The Wah! strong in it is this one!
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  5. I'll come back and check this in the morning.....should be a good read.......
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  6. More effort needed. Now go away and think about the mistakes you've made.
  7. You get the Cadet Forces Medal for 12 years efficient service in abusing kids and the Jubilee medals for 5 years efficient service at that time they was issued :)
  8. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.........................are we going to have some fun with you !!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Don't the septics get a gong for tying their own boot laces?
  10. Seems like they get all the action at the Loggies depot....:)
  11. yeah and an oakleaf if its raining at the time
  12. Nah it's for being potty trained. The ribbon is a brown vertical stripe on a white background.
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  13. You get one in the US for doing a tour in a recruiting office. After reading threads like this I think we should do the same.
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  14. Shields to full power; Previous service? Shields off.
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  15. Do you get wings if you can prove you're a fairy?
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