Medals on eBay

Interesting article on a sergeant court marshaled after selling a duplicate Iraq Op Telic medal eBay for £600. No question how ever as to why the system issued two in the first place?

Return to sender

BOSSES at the MoD Medal Office have warned soldiers who receive duplicate awards to send them back – and not be tempted to turn them into cash.

A spokesman from the Armed Forces Pay and Personnel Agency (AFPPA), which runs the office at RAF Innsworth, Gloucestershire, said serving troops needed to be aware that awards remained government property.

The stern caution comes after a senior NCO found himself facing a court martial after selling an Op Telic medal on auction site eBay for £600.

The sergeant was reduced to corporal for putting the award under the hammer. He was originally reduced to a private after being convicted of stealing government property. But this was reviewed on appeal because of the effect the sentence would have had on his financial circumstances.

The AFPPA spokesman warned that Service personnel needed to take note and urged anyone receiving a gong by mistake to return it at the “earliest opportunity”.

He pointed out that serving soldiers who decided to sell their medals could be handed down a sentence of up to two years in prison under military law.

The spokesman said: “A medal is issued free of charge and is an item of uniform.

“It remains the property of the MoD until an individual is discharged from the Services. If he or she receives a duplicate it is not theirs to keep or sell.

“The same principal is extended to surplus equipment of any type. It should be disposed of in an official way, and in the case of a medal it should be returned to the Medal Office.”

The spokesman added: “A recent court case would rightly suggest that the MoD will not tolerate the practice of profiteering from the sale of duplicate medals.”

As previously reported in Soldier, Op Telic medals have proved to be a desirable item on eBay and other auction sites, often fetching sums of more than £150 with bidders.

Last January AFPPA expressed dismay that the campaign awards were being put up for sale on the internet, claiming medals sold to private bidders lost their integrity
I had my LS & GC issued to me twice when my original was lost in the post, the duplicate arrived (marked up as a replacement) followed 2 weeks later by the original issue (ended up in Nepal for some reason). I phoned the Medal Office at RAF Innsworth and spoke to a very helpfull Civil Servant whole informed me quite categoricaly that the duplicate issue must be returned, this I did and looking at this post im glad I returned it.

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