Medals - Multilple Tour Recognition?

Just had a guy come into the office with a couple of ribbons on the old stab vest. One of which was a 'NATO Former Yugoslavia'. On this ribbon was a bronze badge '2'.

Having not seen this before, I asked. "Wazzat?".

I was informed this was because he had done 2 tours.
Having known plenty who have multiple toured out there and not seen any numeric recognition for their tours, I wondered if this was correct.
All I can find is from

The qualification period for this medal is normally 30 days within the NATO command area and numerals are worn to donate multiple tours of duty.
Can anyone further enlighten me? And if this is correct, why don't serving members wear the numbers?

its not how many tours youve done its actually how many days in that theatre.
Bosnia was 30 days for the NATO medal and something like 210 days to get the numeral 2. We had a TA bloke in Sipovo who kept extending his 3 month tour, it was his first ever op tour and he left Bosnia with medal and numeral 2.

The awarding of numerals for tours in the Balkans stopped with the introduction of the Pan-Balkan NATO medal with 'Non-Article 5' clasp.
I believe that the UN still dish out numerals with their tacky gongs though.
Seving members do wear the numerals if they are entitled.

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