Medals. mounting, order etc

Long story short, this lad has just started working with us. Says ex squaddie, things just don't fit though! His media site has this photo of him. I recognise 3 medals, Afghan, N.Ireland and surprisingly Queens galantry medal which I though was just for civi's. Only going on the ribbons, not enough detail on the medals although the QGM looks bronze/gold!! His regimental tie is Royal Norfolk which I'm lead to believe ceased in 1957. He's about 45-50!! Any experts out there who maybe able to shed some light??
I am no expert but NI, Herrick OSM, Queen's Jubilee Medal, ACSM (possibly tied into either a residential tour in NI or multiple HERRICKs) and LS&GC seem like a perfectly possible rack to accumulate.
Evening all!
Where should the MSM be mounted?
a. To the left of the LS&GC (i.e., 1 in from the end)
b. End medal, after the LS&GC
Ladies and Gents,

Having a mare sorting out mess kit for function next Week(Been away from mess life for a couple of years)

I Am trying to sort out the order for the following medals

1. NI (89)
2.Gulf (90-91)
3. UN Bos (93,95)
4. Nato BOS(98-99)
5. Nato Kos (2000)
6. Queen Jubilee
7. OSM Afghanistan (2001-2002)
8. Gulf 2 (Telic)
9. LSGC.

I Thought it was 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,6 AND 9 is that correct ? Any help would be appreciated.
Is that all - lightweight! :cheers:
Just to confirm, before I pay the tailoress... option a.?
From JSP 761 v5 Annex B Ch 12A.01(h)

Long Service and Efficiency Awards

(1) Meritorious Service Medal

(2) Accumulated Campaign Service Medal

(3) Regular Forces Long Service and Good Conduct Medals:

(a) Medal for Long Service and Good Conduct (Military)

(b) Naval Long Service and Good Conduct Medal

(c) Royal Air Force Long Service and Good Conduct Medal

(d) Long Service and Good Conduct (Ulster Defence Regiment) [discontinued]

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