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Discussion in 'Medals' started by bodyarmour, Aug 25, 2004.

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  1. Ladies and Gents,

    Having a mare sorting out mess kit for function next Week(Been away from mess life for a couple of years)

    I Am trying to sort out the order for the following medals

    1. NI (89)
    2.Gulf (90-91)
    3. UN Bos (93,95)
    4. Nato BOS(98-99)
    5. Nato Kos (2000)
    6. Queen Jubilee
    7. OSM Afghanistan (2001-2002)
    8. Gulf 2 (Telic)
    9. LSGC.

    I Thought it was 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,6 AND 9 is that correct ? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. As per your other thread, you are correct.
  3. Simple rule for most serving soldiers is:

    Galantry Medals
    Campain Medels in Order of Date
    Jubilee Medals
    LSGC and TA Efficiency Medals

    So for you its:

    1. NI (1989)
    2. Gulf 1 (1990-91)
    3. UN Bosnia (1993,95)
    4. Nato Bosnia (1998-99)
    5. Nato Kosavo (2000)
    6. OSM Afghanistan (2001-2002)
    7. Gulf 2 (2003)
    8. Queen Jubilee
    9. LSGC.

    For the full SP visit:
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  4. Thanks Very much for the Help
  5. I think this one may have been answered before, however...

    Remembrance is coming up and its time to dust out the NO2's, ive just put them in to get Medals mounted and funny enough the tailor doesnt know the correct order.

    Ive got a jumble of GSMS, NATO, UN etc etc

    Whats the rule of thumb in what order they have to be mounted ?

    I always heard GSM's go first, but what after that ?

    Many thanks in anticipation
  6. Campaign Medals in date order - GSM does not go first unless it's the first one you got

    Then Jubilee medals

    Then LSGC
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  7. Ahhhhhhhhhh got ya

    So doesnt matter if UK medal or UN, its just the order they came

    Many thanks
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  9. Dont worry mate, yes I have been awarded it, doesnt mean that it ever actually arrived :evil:
  10. As you say it has been asked before! and probably will again!

    Give this to your tailer, since he should know:

    Mat.Regs.Vol 3 Pam 10 - Clothing - Instructions for the Wearing of the Insignia of Orders, Decorations and Medals

    As you say - doesnt matter if UK medal or UN/NATO its just the order they were awarded to you. No two persons medal order need be the same, that is unless they have always served together, which can be the case in some units.
  11. The full order is:
    1. Gallantry medals, VC, GC, MC, MM, etc
    2. Honours, OBE, MBE, CBE, KCMG, etc
    3. Campaign medals in order awarded. UN medals, NATO medals, GSM, Gulf 1, Gulf 2, Burma star, etc.
    4. Jubilee medals. Genarally golden but their may be the odd holder of the silver one out there.
    5. Accumulated Campaign Service Medal(ACSM).
    6. LSGC

    Note on ACSM:

    At present only campaign service, ie that which merits the award of GSM (or bar to GSM) counts for ACSM eg, NI, Kurd-herding, Gulf 1 after the war ended and a couple of other oddballs. However I have heard that it is to be rewritten to encompass any service for which a medal was awarded, so expect a raft of ACSMs to be issued to those with numbers on their NATO medals.
  12. The order you earned them. I have a mate that has now got his Telic Medal but is still waiting for his Fingal Medal from 2002.
  13. OK so I was slightly out, but I wasn't sad enough to have Mat Regs sitting on my computer!!!!!!
  14. I find it odd that you list the Burma Star! Yes WWI then WWII medals come BEFORE current Campaign Medals. Indeed they have there own set order of wear as well, but not many serving or recently discharged would have it!

    I'm a Military Historian! You would not believe what I have.............
    All legal and above board as well!

    And you will not believe how often I am asked about Medal Order!