MEDALS, MEDALS,MEDALS......rumour rumour rumour!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by modwatchdog, Nov 4, 2005.

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  1. Welll what can I say, everyone seems to be waiting and waiting for there Iraq medals to arrive, some have had them others not. It seems this new medal office, is over run with medals. But can some clear up this horrendous rumour, that I`ve heard!!!!! That strikes fear into the very heart. That in order to cut back on the waiting time, there just giving them out UNNAMED!!!!!!!!! Please tell me this isn`t so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I`ve heard a rumour that in order to reduce waiting times, these medals are now being issued unnamed? But I also heard that they`ve got a new machine that can name loads at once, so I really don`t know what to believe? Has anyone been issued an unnamed medal, who can confirm this? It seems a real penny pinching idea to me if it is true, and I can`t see how it would make that much of a difference to the back log either!!!!!
  3. An industrial medal engraving machine takes about 3 minutes to engrave each medal plus downtime of loading them, taking them out and checking.

    It really wouldn't take that long to get them engraved and one wonders why it has taken the MOD so long to get the medals sorted in the first place! :evil:
  4. Lets not 'un-named' medal of any type isnt worth the ribbon its attached to, and therefore, anyone (walts included) can just wear one coz its the same as anyone elses, no name, so who's going to know its yours?
    If its true about the names, that will be the final straw, and then ask yourself, will all the senior officers medals come un-named too?
  5. Apart from the odd ones of course (UN etc), I was talking about UK medals that should be named
  6. I could have told you.... but since my CO is waiting for every fcking deployment to happen BEFORE he issues us our medals, we're waiting along time to see if our names are on them!

    (he's got T1,2,3,4 and 5 medals in the safe but wont issue them until we're stood down...wnker)
  7. Here hoping they are, any idea how long they been in there?
  8. Ahem... having received my T1 gong, I can confirm that the regimental number is no longer lased on to it. Speedier than before? Maybe... So if that was speeding up, doing away with the inscription altogether should speed the process further. Perhaps, if this is to be the case, the gong will come complete with a voucher for use with your local key cutter/shoe resoler/dodgy trophy engraver?
  9. So no number but name only? and lased? not engraved?
  10. I gather T1 (about a year+) T2,3 (about 4 months) and T4,5 in the last few weeks......

    they wont even issue them for the Rememberance Day parade past the Cenotaph (untill they're awarded by the CO)

    that cant be right.
  11. Yes and yes. Appaently the "new" Medals Office invested in a 2nd laser engraving machine to cut back the back log...... and in anticpation of continued high demand?
  12. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Mine was lazed but had all my details, which in 5 medals were the correct ones!
  13. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Mine was lazed but, amazingly, mis-spelled my regimental abbreviation. I momentarily considered sending it back but decided that would probably be the last time I ever saw it.
  14. After more than 2 years finally got mine. Have heard that at least two units who returned from Iraq this month have either issued all their medals or about to issue them all cos the Regiment's AG det had spend a few days at the medals office getting them sorted.

    Is this going to have a knock on effect for Telic 3-5?
  15. got mine finally....2 yrs 6mths and 3 days after I first left the sh+thole. They only managed to get my Corps wrong :lol: Better luck then with the ACSM I hope :wink: