Medals, medals and more medals ...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by k13eod, Jul 2, 2009.

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  1. There seems to be a lot of threads regarding medals at the moment; those trying to convince themselves they can get an LS&GC even though they didn't quite meet the 'GC' criteria, those still thinking the Queen might throw a few more Battle of Jubilee medals out to those whom she forgot, the new EM which is rather nice but not one you want awarded and of course the always controversial 'bought bling' worn by veterans.

    But are we now moving away from an era where servicemen will walk around with 7,8,9 or more jangling racks of shiny Queenies and bronzie NATO/UN/EU gongs? Obviously dependant on future operations around the hot spots/oil fields of the world but at present are the opportunities for the erstwhile gong hunter diminishing? And if so what do we see as the rack of the future?

    I reckon OSM Afghan for a while yet, selected peeps for a Battle of Diamond Jubilee in 2012 ... and dare we think of a Coronation Medal in the not too distance future?

    What others could be on the cards? OSM Iran? OSM Korea? The South Atlantic II Medal? Northern Ireland Parts 2,3,4 etc etc?

    What about (post Coronation) The Charles Medal for the military destruction of carbuncle architecture?

    And will we see commemoratives for Kenya/Belize/Cyprus/Ascension Island tours?
  2. You forgot to mention the:
    'Infantry Clasp' to show that youre infantry on a particular tour rather than anyone else! Criteria problem, what happens when non-Inf types have more contacts the Inf!
    Wound Medal - Criteria problem, what type of wound qualifes?

    I did two weeks in Gibraltar in 2003, could I submit a plea of mitigation for the Battle of Trafalgar medal?
  3. Does this mean I can wear my 2 Nijmegan medals?
    I know that they took more effort and physical pain to earn than one particularly slack summer tour in Split at Dalma Warehouse I did!
  4. I think that will be starting from approx 1800 tomorrow night!
  5. The ACN*(Putney) will be on the cards soon, only available to those who survive the next one (in the process of being sorted out)

    *Arrse Curry Night
  6. They could always buy bling and wear it - just like you did with a self-bought blingy QGJM.
  7. I think with a shrinking army but a government still committed to pretending we are a super power you'll start to see an increase in operational experience and gongs given that the lads and lasses will be spending more time on tour than they do at home.

    The ACSM will definately start clocking up names on its list of winners.
  8. Ha ha JD never a truer word

  9. Oh look ... 5A still stalking me ... I have already PM'd you to apologise ... I swear I didn't know they were your mother and daughter.

    Now, as you are referring to comments I made quite some time ago perhaps I said things then in reaction to other comments regarding what I did/didn't buy or indeed wear.

    But before you attempt to out me as a walt ... this was me on Armed Forces Day:


    ... and at the 33 EOD Regt Freedom parade ...

  10. [​IMG]

    Is that a naked fat chick to the right of you in the back ground?
  11. My eagle eye has spotted the boat behind you, is that HMS Gannet? I think I went to a wedding on that.
  12. Funny guy. Don't flatter youself. You're spouting off about blokes wearing bling and you're a culprit.
  13. where is the bling? I see a GSM, ACSM, NATO and LS&GC, all awarded gongs.

  14. Apart from your tie having a badly tied knot, are you wearing a manbag in the smaller picture?
  15. :D I wish ... following a drunken conversation, I got dicked to be the 'flag waver' ... or Standard Bearer of the REA BD branch ... won't happen again!

    5A ... I'm not going to get into another bitch fight with you ... everyone on here appreciates that you are ten times more witty/intelligent/cleverer than me.

    What bling ... 4 medals awarded and the only bling is badges ... a RBL poppy pin, a H4H pin, a BLESMA badge an a Veterans badge; both the former I am entitled to wear.