medals issued by other countries

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bandofblubbers, Feb 19, 2006.

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  1. what is it with the government and foreign medals ? The Saudi and Kuwaiti goverments awarded medals and certificates for the first Gulf and I got mine after I left with a nice message from Her Maj saying I could'nt wear them. Funny I thought I'd earned them having helped to kick Saddam's lot back up the Basrah Rd. The latest one is the Malayan campaign. I don't know if it was a military myth, but apparently the Kuwaitis wanted to give every Allied serviceman who was on Granby (ie the sharp end) a few thousand quid each, but we got a medal we can't wear .
  2. Tis true about the financial renumeration. The reason that soldiers were not allowed the readies is because HM Forces are not mercenaries and to have permitted the money would have made them so and then they would have been involved illegally. Its the same for those who serve in Brunei. Personnel are not permitted to receive gifts from His Highness the Sultan for the same reason. You can wear your Kuwaiti medal if a member of their Royal Family decides to pop in for a cuppa though so make sure you keep the Earl Grey out.