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Hey guys, new member and not Army!

A relative died in the Battle of Hong Kong, 1941, which was then occupied for the rest of the war. The closest living relative I know of is is half-sister, who lives in the US. Is there any way of checking whether any medals he was entitled to were ever issued, and if not can I arrange for them to be sent to his sister?



Follow the guidance here

If you're interested, Spr Edward Filomeno Hyndman was admitted into the hospital on 20th December 1941, finally dying on the 31st. Capt K S Robertson's Engineer Field Company of the HKVDC was part of Brig Lawson's Western Brigade on the island of Hong Kong and on 19th December was employed as infantry during a counter-attack on the Wong-Nei-Chung Gap. The unit essentially disappears from the order of battle after that date and it is likely that he was mortally wounded on that date before being brought back to the Western Brigade field hospital.
Yes that's right. He was a passenger in a staff car that was strafed and bombed. He was only 15. He had lied about his age to join up.
Alf, thanks. I've looked at that but I didn't see any way of checking whether they were ever previously issued. His parents divorced and it's possible his mother received them. His father was involved in underground fighting in the Philippines or thereabouts and did not return to Hong Kong until much later before moving to the USA.
You can write to the medal office and ask if the medals have been issued, they will be the definitive arbiters in such circumstances

Although if the the medals have not been issued then the NOK will be only person that can apply for them to be issued to the family



As medals weren’t issued unless asked for the chances are they weren’t!
My Grandfathers were issued to his widow but the Canadians seem to have been more respectful
I recently got my great uncle's medals, he was lost in the Med a week before your relative was killed in Hong Kong. I filled out the Medals Office form asking for full entitlement and they arrived about six weeks later. I had to put my dad's details though and get him to sign it as he is the oldest surviving relative. This may be difficult for you if your relative's sister lives in the States!
Because date of death is known (the Medal Office will accept a CWGC link to his memorial page as proof of death) and death is greater than 25 years, anybody can ask for release of that basic information.

His entitlement would be 1939-45 Star, Pacific Star and War Medal: if records show that they had been claimed and there is now no trace, replacements can be bought for less than £100, as these medals were not named to the individual.
Brilliant, thanks guys. I'm in touch with his sister so I can send her the forms and hopefully we'll get a result.
He was the youngest allied soldier to give his life for Hong Kong - joined up and died in the same month - and it would mean so much to the family. I'll let you know how we get on!

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