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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Romulus, Jan 18, 2006.

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  1. Read in the latest edition of soldier mag people putting their telic medals on ebay. Some getting over 200 nicker. I waited three years for my telic 1 (still in RHQ - waiting for a parade). Comments welcome gents (and ladies ofcourse - shit hope spy girl isn't reading this).

  2. How about a set of five including a Telic? Might be able to buy that new pipe for the bike........ (or pay for the divorce)
  3. "The object of giving medals, stars and ribbons is to give pride and pleasure to those who have deserved them. At the same time a distinction which everyone does not possess. If all have it, it is of less value. There must be disappointments on the borderline. A medal glitters but it also casts a shadow. The task of drawing up regulations for such awards is one which does not admit of a perfect solution. It is not possible to satisfy everybody without running the risk of satisfying nobody. All that is possible is to give the satisfaction to the greatest number and to hurt the feelings of the fewest."

    Winston Churchill (Prime Minister) - 22nd March 1944

    You cant make people have pride in the medals they have earned, neither will they appreciate what the great Winston Churchill was talking about in the statement above. If somebody has no pride in their medals and doesnt find it objectional to sell them on, then its a personal decision for them - however sad others may find it.
  4. Not all medals are earnt!!!

    I've got some i don't even want. Chocolate coin from Queen!! Anything from UN.

    They weren't earnt. All i had to do was DRINK for 6 months. (Hmmm. Maybe I did earn them :D )

    Anyways. It's just another expense. £5 each for court mounting them on a uniform you probably only wear once a year.

    You can keep em :)
  5. Boney, I was of course extracting the urine, and you will see me in my bowler and Regt'l Blazer doing the marchpast at a Remembrance Parade near you soon. I do however, have for sale 1 x Nijmegen Bike Orderly Medal circa 1984, which in all honesty was the hardest earned. I had a saddle shaped blister on my arrse, and from that moment on looked on Clerks in a whole new light. I could not remain seated for as long as them and they are truly the Army's unsung heroes
  6. Fair point boney, it is sad but like you said its up to that individual. Just grated me a bit, especially with lads that have been killed in that theatre.
  7. How small the price of life. Personally i think the medals should be kept by the recipient if only in honour and as a reminder of the boys who gave their lives.
  8. Arn't medals still MOD property even when they have been given to the recipient? Thus making selling them a big no no?
  9. Some people do not have pride for the things that they did on operations. Sometimes it eases the soul to get rid of reminders. I appreciated soldiers gave their lives, but other soldiers are still giving their lives in dealing with PTSD. Reminders are not always a good thing.

    BTW i have not and will not sell mine.
  10. i appreciate what your saying medman82, but surely those mens lives are worth more than a few quid on ebay?
  11. depends if you have mouths to feed and bills to pay. A bunch of tin on ribbons doesn't stop the bailliffs men from taking your TV. There are a lot of ex services personnel who really are on their uppers. We should be thankful that we are comfortable.

    Have a look at the world without your rose tinted glasses..its not always nice..

    Any Ex squaddie ( or still serving) could knock on my door and i would offer them food or welfare..

    Selling medals should be done as a last resort, but to some is their last resort.

    others are obviously after making a fast buck..they may regret it in later days but that is their decision, not ours, to make.
    Best wishes to you all

  12. yes, appreciated, and your not alone in offering food and shelter to the ones who need it, however, surely the ones who have returned from the gulf in the past 3 years haven't got so bad that they need to resort to selling their medals, i'm married to a squaddie, so i know all about the ups and downs of army life.
  13. I can understand your outlook bossy boots. but some of the "sellers" are not the brightest in the world either. What we can see as a reminder of the good work and sacrifice given by others, they see as " a medal " and nothing more. We are the fortunate ones.

    I honestly applaud your sentiment, good people (and friends) have come back in a lonely C130. They are all missed and are definitely all remembered.

  14. should be literally as a last resort as once they are gone thats it you cant get them back.

    all mine will go to my children who i hope will cherish them when i'm long gone and will remember those of us who where there and did what we had to do
  15. Thank you Medders, may god rest them.