Medals for MPs - are you fecking joking?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Shorncliffe_Rifles, Feb 8, 2010.

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  1. Please god tell me this isn't true?

    "Can you all take time to read this and add your names please. I didn't know this but MPs get a medal for visiting a war zone.They don't have to do time in country like our service personnel and they don't have to wait bloody months afterwards to get presented with the thing. Medals are all the recognition we as soldiers get for spending long months in shitholes getting shot at.The most action and flak an MP sees is over their bloody expennses.As we saw with the Wootton Basset petition thousands of signatures in a short space of time did make the government act.They cannot ignore the voters .Especially now with elections looming. Please take the time to sign this petition. Where it asks for your name also add on the same line former military if you were .You will see what others have done. I think this adds just a little more bite to the petition.Once again get your granny and neighbours to sign it. Lets do our service personal another service for all the hard work they put in for this country."
  2. Thanks all. If you want to find the answers to to life, the world and everything - talk out of your ARRSE! LOL

    Best forum in the world and the funniest.

    best wishes to all.

  3. I love the way these stories get twisted as they move about. The people in question are MPs who have spent 10 years or more on the scheme, as a small way of saying thank you for your support.

    The AFPS is a really useful way of ensuring that some MPs see what real forces life is like, and its done a good job of that.

    The medal in question is worn on the left side, not the right side and has as much official value as a "BAOR Medal" - i.e. none at all. Its a keepsake, not a decoration.

    Move along people, nothing to see here.
  4. This has been rumbling for a while and bit more than a non-medal at the core of it


    Wednesday, November 18, 2009, 04:04 PM GMT

    "British casualty figures continue to rise in Afghanistan; Service Chiefs, just as they did in Iraq, continue to criticise the level of helicopter support and lack of sufficiently armoured vehicles; defence procurement in a recent official report has been condemned as incompetent.

    The Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme (AFPS) has been in existence for 21 years. It’s aim is laudable, to provide MPs with a thorough understanding of the Armed Forces, which includes, training, procurement of equipment and visiting combat operations overseas. Selected MPs attend for up to 30 days in one year and may be further selected for subsequent attendance. Some have spent as long as 10 years on the scheme.

    Such participation should enable MPs to identify and speak out about the shortfalls in procurement and lack of resources that have beset our troops but few have done so. One MP on the AFPS in 2007 visited Afghanistan, on return he criticised the lack of helicopters and was expelled from the scheme. So what is the problem?

    Freedom of Information requests submitted have identified that the AFPS is not run by the MOD or Parliament but by a private individual who acts as the un-elected Chairman together with a council of Defence Contractors who provide financial support. Selection and de-selection appears to be in the gift of the self appointed Chairman who has also denied public access to the AFPS accounts.

    MPs on the scheme wear AFPS uniforms and are promoted annually. Some now hold the AFPS rank of Air Commodore or Brigadier and wear strange badges of rank depicted by crowns and a parliamentary portcullis. This small private ‘Army’ also award themselves medals for services to defence at special dinners in the Speaker’s dinning room in Parliament!

    Freedom of Information requests have also identified that MPs have been exempt declaring benefits accrued from this privately sponsored scheme on the parliamentary register of interests. There have also been overtures by the AFPS to the Electoral Commission seeking MPs be exempt from declaring benefits from the scheme. These requests have been turned down.

    Providing MPs with a clear understanding of the armed forces is important, especially if they are to be encouraged to speak out when things are not right. However it is inappropriate for the AFPS to be privately controlled or funded especially by defence contractors if, at the very least, a perception of a conflict of interest is to be avoided.

    I have written to the Prime Minister and the Leaders of both the Conservative and Liberal Democrat Parties requesting immediate action to remove the AFPS from private ownership and create greater transparency and accountability of the scheme if it is to continue. I have also requested the charade of AFPS ranks and medals be dispensed with, as it is an affront to the brave servicemen and women who have earned their rank and medals in the defence of our country. Indeed, a large number of service personnel still wait to have their many years of service appropriately recognised by the striking of a National Defence Medal."

    Colonel Terry Scriven
  5. SO he wants the AFPS to stop getting medals they haven't earned and he wants a National Defence Medal just for turning up to work?

    The hypocritical f*cking knobber
  6. NO - I AM NOT GOING TO SIGN IT. For God's sake read the background to this badge - IT'S NOT A MEDAL. Its self awarded and not worn on military uniform. Its not official and just bling and hasn't got anything to do with medals for service in Afganistan or anywhere else. In fact I think signing that petition will be actually counter-productive.

    Just read the background and then decide - PLEASE!
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I voted for all three heads on spikes. Sorry, wasn't the thread about doing that then?
  8. But, but, but... *sob* I BEAT THE RUSSSIANS!

  9. Doesd anyone have a picture of this medal?
  10. Most importantly,who pays for it.
  11. Here, and not worn on the left breast, worn on the right.

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  12. So, it isn't worn on the left breast.... is worn on the right tit - how apt :D