MEDALS FOR ALL - BEM's all round?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BuggerAll, Aug 6, 2012.

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  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I was watching the games on Saturday and the only disappointing thing was the way some of the athletes felt they had to apologize for not getting gold.

    Somebody said its a pity they can't all get a medal - well that's nonsense. Not much of a competition if everyone is a winner.

    No doubt the Brit medal winners will do well in the New Years Honours list MBE's, OBE, K's and D's and maybe a sporting Lord. It got me to wondering if there is a case for giving the whole of Team GB the BEM.

    As I see it the argument in favour is that as a nation we recognize their efforts in taking part and we say to future generations that being in the team is something to aspire to.

    The argument against is that you can't have medals for all and it may encourage a culture of mediocrity.
  2. I think as it's Jubilee year, they should all get a QDJM, watch the schimfing start on here if that happens ;-)
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  3. I think they should get **** all.

    It's only sport.
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  4. It's been a massive big up for Britain this Op Limpets (Olympics).

    The TA (errr Army Reserve) and regs all deserve a gong, as do all those called up or on ops during the festive season.
  5. X59

    X59 LE

    Pretty sure athletes would tell you to stick any medal other than the gold, silver or bronze up your hoop. They're driven to **** to succeed, not worthless bling which some Forces bods seem to crave.

    You can court mount as much tin and ribbon as you like, but no ******, other than your kids and grandkids, gives a flying **** about.
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  6. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer


    Beckham OBE.jpg

    He looks pretty chuffed.

    Sir Chris Hoy.jpg

    He seems quite pleased too.


    Another happy looking Olympian looking pleased with her 'worthless bling'

    What you mean is that you don't give a ****, which is your privilege but don't suppose it applies to everyone.
  7. Our cuzzins to the North manage it and get results, errm sort of.
  8. Watching the games and of course the results, it struck me that it is amazing that since the crack down on drug taking amongst some of the "major players" just how the rest of the world counties have improved.
  9. Its almost a dead cert that Jessica Ennis will become a Dame. Personally I hope not. She already has an MBE. Give her an OBE at best and lets she if she defends her title and breaks the World Record.

    Daley Thompson who excelled in the Decathalon and won two Olympic Golds as well as breaking World Records 'only' got a CBE. Where was his Knighthood? Instead he is reduced to doing Daz TV adverts with Barry from E!astenders
  10. X59

    X59 LE

    Not fooled by those weak, polite but professional smiles.

    How many non serving people do you think differentiate or give a **** about medals ?

    Not confusing that issue with the fact that Joe Public rightly adore the Forces as one of the few remaining, properly functioning institutions.
  11. Dont talk shite.
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  12. I read that and laughed like Rick Mayall.
  13. This topic has reminded me of what happens here in Aust, after every Olympic Games, in the next Queens Birthday or New Years Honours list all those who did well at the Games are awarded a Member of the Order of Australia, for their few minutes doing what they do,(and it appears, for what they are well paid to do, scholarships, sponsorship, no job other than training for the sport they are involved with etc etc etc) then in the same list, are hundreds of people who have given every spare moment in their whole life to working unpaid for a charity or similar, and they get an Order of Australia Medal, the lowest medal available in the Order of Australia system, just as the BEM is in that Award, and in the old days, they gave the athletes an MBE and the volunteers who had given most of their life to serving unpaid, they got a BEM

    Maybe it is time some of the pollies, or whoever makes the decision, to get their priorities in the correct order! Who gives most, unselfishly, without any hope of financial gain, for the country and the people of that country?

  14. Great idea, shame the BEM was abolished some years ago....

    Bugger, just realised CMD has brought it out of abeyance!