Medals for Afganistan


Can anyone tell me what the criteria is for the new OSM for Afganistan?

I`ve seen it with and without bar, with and without rosette. The ribbon appears to be the same. I assume the differences relate to the various missions? Is there to be something new for this new mission, as it seems to be a lot more bloody than any of the previous ones?

I`ve tried asking the squaddies themselves, but they seemed to be unable to answer my questions, or very mis informed.

Can anyone help.

(Please, if you haven`t got anything constructive to say, please don`t clog up this topic, with unhelpful or just darn right ignorant messages, thank you!!!!)
Try the link that lynxtips has helpfully posted in the Naffi Bar forum - thread ISAF Medal, unless of course you are refering to a new medal issue for Helmund. As an aside would think that it will be the same one as the MOD is to tight to commission another.

Hopefully some help.
:D Cheers Stinker, I think that ISAF one is another one of those NATO beauties!!!! I agree I can`t see the MOD making a new medal, I suppose they`ll do something with the original OSM for Afganistan some how.

****Thanks for the positve reply******** :D
Here`s one I`ve seen on Ebay. Not the rossette, which I assume is to denote the clasp, however, I`ve also seen one with just the rossette on the ribbon (similar to how the Sierra Lionne, medal is worn , but thats another topic).


Heres the Operational Service Medal for Sierra Leone medal.

This system doesn`t appear to be very cost effective. Unless its cheaper to issue a new medal for each campaign, as apposed to sending the medals back, in order to have a new clasp put on? :?

This medal also appears to be issued with and without a rossette. I think the rossette has something to do with the resuce of those Irish soldiers by the Paras, but I can`t be sure. Maybe someone can shine some light on this? :?



I think the clasp looks a bit naff on this medal, but hey?

This is the latest issue of the Operational Service Medal. Awarded for service in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DROC).

The scarcest issue of the OSM to date with around only 150 expected to be issued.

The Operational Service Medal (OSM) was introduced in 1999 and effective from 1st January 2000. It is intended to replace the Campaign Service Medal (CSM) for minor campaigns that are not awarded their own seperate medal (with the exception of operations in Northern Ireland and Air Operations Over Iraq which continues to see the CSM awarded).

***I think I`m right in saying that the Air Ops Iraq clasp for the GSM is no longer issued*******
Again maybe someone can confirm that? :?


The OSM with claspand rossette is if you have served in Afghanistan i.e under threat. There is also a NATO medal now, it blue and white strip ribbon with ISAF on clasp but not sure on the regs for that one????
Cheers Edge.

A little like the South Atlantic Medal then?

I assume that different tours had different threat levels, thus the difference in clasp entitlements? That would make sense.

Thanks for the positive reply, by the way!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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