Medals etiquette

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by sionnach, May 23, 2009.

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  1. Today I saw in some election literature pushed through my door a BNP candidate in civvy dress wearing a collection of medals awarded during five years service - GSM, UNFICYP and a Queen's Golden Jubillee medal. Does this breach military etiquette? I know former soldiers are entitled to wear their medals, but you don't go around wearing them everywhere. And there are lots of former members of the armed forces now working as councillors and MPs for various different political parties, but I've never seen them wear their medals while campaigning. Any thoughts?
  2. Five years? All yours 5A.

    I wore my medals for Op NIMBY, didn't do us any harm.
  3. Why shouldn't he? As long as they're actually his I suppose.

    If he wants to look a numpty mincing around in his gongs let him.
  4. Fcuk 5 years service he must have been spot on for the golden jubilee, or did he buy that one?

    I seem to recall it was 5 years regular service on the day of the golden jubilee or 5 bounties for TA :?
  5. Truffles, I think yer man is actually after the BNP bite. Shame he met us first.....
  6. It was 5 years reconable service (adult) I think.
  7. I am outraged :roll: I know one person that had 5 years combined that got it. (TA and Regular service)
  8. Is that "your mate"? Tell us the truth, you are TA really.

    <<Stands by>>
  9. There is more chance of you being a fit bird and getting on page 3 of the Scum than me being TA. :wink:
  10. I wonder if you would have bothered posting this pointless thread if the canvasser was Labour or Conservative?
  11. I probably would. I don't like any of them to be honest, but I don't want to get into a debate about the BNP or who is the worst or best. I've just never seen any candidate parade their medals while campaigning - or on any occasion other than a veterans parade - and wondered whether it was acceptable.
  12. I shat that one didn't I?

    Nice one Falls xx
  13. If he is no longer serving then he can wear them on his dressing gown if he wants. who cares. :roll:
  14. So why didn't you just say politician? Your first post and it just happens to be about the BNP.

    Military etiquette? If hes earned the medals and is now a civvie he's entitled to wear them on his pyjamas if he feels the need.
  15. I got my gongs tattood on my chest as soon as I left the Army. It's the right thing to do. That way I can still be seen wearing them even when swimming!