Medals Day at the Parachute Regiment!

Pegasus and the Band lead take the lead on the Parade Square. (6.16.11

HRH Prince of Wales presents the medals. He spent time talking to each soldier.



I will not lie, I've always had a soft spot for The Parachute Regiment. They're a great Regiment.

In the early 1990s I was at SOTAT, and, as part of my duties, I visited units on operations. I will never forget walking into an accomodation block at Whiterock in Belfast, and being 'suprised' that everyone stood up. I was a Green Howard and they were Paras, but they respected my rank, and they got off their bunks and stood to attention, without being told to. Not everybody I visited showed the same respect.

Whats SOTAT? Ive never heard of this, Iam sure lots of other people will be thinking the same as me.

Iam Airborne and worked many time in Belfast, no wha.
SOTAT (Security Operations Training Advisory Team) replaced NITAT (Northern Ireland Training Advisory Team) now you have OPTAG, do keep up!!!

I wasnt trying to provoke a rise, some folks do there time many years before or many years after a lot of posters on here, just because you know something I don't is not reason to give me a kiss "Bender"
I called you a bender because of the kiss you ended your last post to me, but after observing your profile pic and username I now know where your coming from.......
I wasn't trying to offend you. Sorry.
My nephew was on this, got his gong from Camila...."shes tiny" was all he had to say....and that they all got soaked wet through. Good effort fellas.
The fella in the maroon blazer must have been the oldest bloke in Helmand!!
Apart from the bloke sixth from the right (our right) in the second photo. Good effort fella!
He's TA. From 15 Coy in Scotland.
I take my 'hat' off to him. My best man from my first wedding deployed recently as well (also TA now, but ex regular). I'm impressed that people in their middle ages can still do the business.
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