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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by barbs, Jan 15, 2008.

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  1. Just re-reading the family history thread and I went and pondered the medal cases. My Great-grandfather's medals and his father's medals cover some significant periods of service. I know a lot of people have served 30+ years but does anyone have a rack to compare to this one in that a single person accrued medals (not just service) covering such a long period. For example I have a few medals "won" over 4 years but more than three times as much service but my grandfather "won" 9 medals in 4 years.

    My great-grandfather's medals are:

    MBE, 1914 Star and Bar, British War Medal, Victory Medal, Defence Medal, War Medal 1939-45, Jubilee Medal 1935, Coronation Medal 1937, Coronation Medal 1953 and LS&GC (George V).

    So medals from 1914 to 1953 - 39 years (and bearing in mind he was a Serjeant in 1914, a bit of service before that too!).
  2. LS&GC and exactly how many bars? Should have a fair few if they issued them back then.
  3. No bars. He joined in 1906 and rose to Sjt in 1914 and was in France on 21 Aug 14. He returned to the UK in Apr 15 as a WO2. He was promoted WO1 in 1920, Lt QM in 1931, Capt QM in 38, Maj QM 41, discharged from the Active List in 1942 and re-enlisted the next day in rank and role and served until 1954.

    As far as LS&GC is concerned it was for 18 years service (1906 to 1924?) but he joined aged 16 so maybe the LS&GC was for 1908 to 1926 - in neither case did he serve for a further 10 years to get a bar and bars weren't instigated until 1940.
  4. I have seen many groups with equal numbers of medals - and more! When one throws gallantry awards, coronation, jubilee and MSMs in to the equation (on top of campaign medals) it's surprising how they mount up. I'm not including senior field officers either (who tend to rack up enormous groups by default of position).

    The finest example I've seen was a group that started with a medal for the First Sikh War (mid-1840s) and ended with a 1902 Coronation. Whilst this was not necessarily the largest group, it did cover over fifty years' uniformed service - the recipient starting off a a bugler and ending up as a rather aged bandmaster in a Canadian Militia regiment.
  5. You've just reminded me of the classic group - Winston Churchill's! India Medal 1895-1902 through to the Coronation Medal 1953.
  6. The longest span in my collection is to a Pte CR Hart of the Devons-

    BWM, Vic, Defence Medal & Civil Defence Long Service. The Civil Defence Medal was issued in 1965.

    Thus 49 years and 3 monarchs.
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    49 years as a buckshee or did he never get his LS&GC?
  8. FM Earl Roberts VC - 1851-1914, died on active service at St Omer. He had a hell of a chestful including the three highest medals we offer, KG, VC and OM - and eight knighthoods!