Medals but no name

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Dread, May 16, 2007.

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  1. I am after some help for a mate of mine. A relative on his mother's side has died and he has become the proud owner of a set of minature medals and he wants to find out more.

    All he knows is that the person enlisted before WW1 into the Scots Greys, was promoted to NCO (probably SNCO) and was awarded the MM, a MiD to go along with the 1914-18 medal and a special constabluary medal of some description.

    Thanks to bits of paper being lost and people having the temerity to die without leaving their estate in order, he is unable to find the details of the (distant) relative to whom these medals were awarded.

    I will endevour to post a photograph of the minitures soon, but does anyone know of any way of discovering the original owner's identity (he onyl has the medal group and original regiment. He does not have name, rank, number, enlistment or discharge dates)?

    Any clues or pointers gratefully received.
  2. diplomat

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    call me as I have an update on other issue you PM'd me on. Only have your old E Mail address!
  3. Further to my initial post, my friend informs me:


    Any clues as to how to identify the original owner much appreciated! These are minatures so no engraving on the rim or reverse.
  4. Have you checked out the Archive (forces), as am sure you could write a list of the names first or last of that side of the family so it could narrow the search down. Also they will be able to know who got given the medals and if they know the name or list of names then it could narrow the search i hope this helps.

  5. Surely the Constabulary would not inform the regiment that he'd won their medal, so they wouldn't know.

    Have you tried writing to the Police?
  6. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Great set of medals, have you tried:

    There are some collectors on the site who have access to some amazing information, especailly as I wouldn't think the RSG had many MM winners from WW1.
  7. Thanks very much to those who have offered help, both here and via PM.
  8. Special Constabulary medal is the Long Service Award.